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What superhero came first? Who is better?

October 27, 2016 // 0 Comments

Words by Megan Ayscue  In the DC and Marvel universes, there are a lot of superheroes that share similar costumes, names, stories and abilities. But who copied whom? And [...]

Letting go

October 18, 2016 // 0 Comments

Words by Kiana Duncan Hey, kids. What’s happened since we last talked? Well, kind of a lot. There’s Oktoberfest, laying out on the beaches of Croatia, finding the best [...]

Representation in comics matters

October 13, 2016 // 0 Comments

For the past 80 or so years, superheroes have been storytellers for some of the biggest issues that our society has faced; war, racism, LGBTQ repression, alcoholism and [...]

Superman is the worst superhero

October 6, 2016 // 1 Comment

Words by Megan Ayscue Superman is the worst superhero ever. No, not Aquaman, not Powergirl. It’s Superman. Before you get your spandex in a knot, there are other [...]


September 30, 2016 // 0 Comments

Words by Kiana Duncan I didn’t cry when I got on the plane, or when I left my parents, or when we finally landed at the Florence airport. I didn’t cry when, in a panic, [...]
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