Words by Neville Hardman | Photos by Jacqueline Stofsick

In the first issue of The Burr Magazine, photographers took a cardboard cutout of “a rather curious gentleman wearing a tuxedo” around the city of Kent in a photo essay called “Meet the Pres.” This man was Michael Schwartz, the ninth president of Kent State University. To pay homage to the first issue, The Burr recreated this story with Kent State’s current president, Beverly Warren. President Warren was taken through the day of a typical Kent State student. From wind gusts gliding over her strangely stiff hair as she crossed the K to frappuccino runs at Starbucks, Warren experienced it all—undeniably.

Warren finds her way to Starbucks. After waiting in a long line and receiving her order, she finds a seat upstairs to enjoy her java chip frappuccino between classes.

Sitting in College Writing II, she listens to instructions about an upcoming paper. Raising her hand, she asks her professor if she can write about running.

Beverly Warren waits for PARTA as the new bus route following the Summit Street construction takes effect. As she climbs aboard, she sits next to a theatre student and discusses the past production of “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” She’s late to class due to traffic, but her professor doesn’t mind.

Beverly Warren rides the elevator at the University Library. She exits to the eighth floor to find a book she needs for her research paper.

With her last class completed, President Warren sits on a bench on the Esplanade. She contemplates going on a run downtown since the weather is sunny. Her back feels pretty stiff after all.

Beverly Warren orders a slice from Guy’s Pizza and talks to employee Doug Gent while she waits. She blushes when he asks for her phone number, saying they should grab a Hulk at The Loft some time.

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