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Everything you need to know before seeing “Doctor Strange”

Words by Megan Ayscue 

Another superhero movie is coming out and all you know is that it looks a lot like “Inception” and the main character is played by Bentobox Cuttlefish, but fear not! I am here to tell you everything you need to know going into “Doctor Strange,” as well as a few facts that you can use to say “I can’t believe they didn’t include that one thing!” I like to use a mix of both. This movie is a bit different because it’s starting to delve into the mystic, magic and supernatural more than previous Marvel movies (think Scarlet Witch). Now, let’s begin. Oh, and possible spoilers.

Courtesy of IMBD

Basic Story
Yay, another origin story. Dr. Stephen Strange, played by Bumblebee Caddyshack, is one of the world’s best surgeons and is very aware of that fact. Then, everything changes when the Fire Nation attacks … he gets into a terrible car accident and his hands are no longer steady. In his global search to fix his hands, Strange finds the Ancient One (current Sorcerer Supreme), played by Tilda Swinton, in Tibet.
The Ancient One refuses to help Strange at first because he’s selfish, but Strange later has a change of heart. While taking an apprenticeship under the Ancient One, Strange not only learns mystical arts, but trains to become the Sorcerer Supreme who protects the planet from supernatural threats. While training, he becomes allies with Baron Mordo, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor in the film, but Mordo isn’t exactly thrilled with Strange taking his spot as future Sorcerer Supreme. Mordo becomes a supervillain, but not the worst of Strange’s adversaries.

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Also, Strange finds a cosmic entity—Eternity—to ask for help in defeating Mordo, but Eternity is no help at all and tells Strange he can do it himself. Which he does.

Speaking of cosmic entities … for those of you that have been keeping up with the Marvel movies, you may know what the Infinity Stones are. These six gems were first named in “Guardians of the Galaxy” but have shown up in the films before. The Tesseract is assumed to be the blue Space stone. The yellow Mind stone was in Loki’s scepter and is now in the possession of Vision. By possession I mean on his forehead. In “Guardians,” the

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

purple stone is the Power stone. The Reality stone, as confusing as it was, was the red stuff, the Aether, from “Thor: The Dark World” that is now in possession of The Collector. That leaves the Soul stone and the Time stone. There is a lot of evidence that Doctor Strange is in the possession of the Time stone, located in the Eye of Agamotto. Without going into too much more detail, Strange can control time, and the amulet helps with this. However, whether it is or isn’t an Infinity Stone probably won’t be confirmed in this movie just because there’s already so much going on.
Another prediction is that in the near future, Doctor Strange will probably team up with the Avengers. While he mostly spends time on his own adventures, he has teamed up in the past to help with adversaries. Now, in 2018, “Avengers: Infinity War” is coming out, and if I’m right based on the above, Doctor Strange has to be a part of the Infinity Wars if he has an Infinity Stone. Or, if Thanos gets all of the stones together, they’re going to need everyone they can to help beat him, and the more magic the better.
Finally, this isn’t actually one of my theories anymore, but it was one for a while so I’m still going to include it. A lot of people thought Mads Mikkelsen was going to play Dread Dormammu in “Doctor Strange” before his character was confirmed. And if anyone has seen “Hannibal,” Mikkelsen can definitely be scary enough to play that role. However, he will be playing Kaecilius, a disciple of Mordo, instead. I do believe, however, that Kaecilius got his powers from Dormammu, which is pretty cool if that’s included.

Other facts
Doctor Strange is one of Marvel’s oldest heroes, first appearing in July 1963. This is only four months after Iron Man and 24 years after Marvel’s first real superhero, but also 28 years before Deadpool and 53 years before Marvel’s most recent hero.
This movie has been in the works for 30 years. The script has been changed and moved, directors have come and gone … mainly, they needed better special effects and a decent script. Also, production of the film was put on hold recently to work around Benadryl Cucumber’s schedule. That’s how bad they wanted him in this role; it better be a stand-out performance.
The full range of Strange’s powers is not known. By himself, he can manipulate energy, transform matter, animate inanimate objects, teleport, possess people and a whole lot more. With the help of some of his magical artifacts, Strange can also fly, learn new spells and counterspells, cut through any substance (including ethereal barriers), jump dimensions, find other magic users and turn back time. However, in his comics, his power fluctuates, so he may not be the “most powerful Sorcerer in the Marvel universe” at all times (as he also gets defeated a lot).
Also, Doctor Strange’s girlfriend, Clea, is the niece of Dormammu and also tried to kill him.

“Doctor Strange” hits theatres Nov. 4. Did I miss anything? Don’t like my opinions? Send me an email at

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