Silver Meadows

Written by Kelsey Husnick on . Posted in Housing

Silver Meadows

Photo by Nicole Sauter.

Address: 1214 Anita Drive

Phone: 330-678-0761

Office hours: Monday to Friday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m
Closed for lunch, noon to 1 p.m
Saturday, by appointment
Closed Sunday


The up: One of the least-expensive apartment choices in the city.

The down: Silver Meadows is the furthest apartment complex from campus in the city of Kent.

Our call: It’s probably best to pick somewhere else.

Silver Meadows is affordable housing, no doubt. But it’s had 72 instances of criminal damage, criminal trespassing, burglary, breaking and entering, weapon offenses and robbery since January 2013, according to reports from the Kent Police Department. Many residents have complained of multiple neighbors playing loud music constantly and having loud arguments. There have also been 73 reports filed of domestic situations, custody disputes, assault, menacing, use of force and endangering children reported to the Kent Police Department.

Apartments are not furnished, but heat is included in the rental rate. Amenities include a pool and playground. The maintenance staff and management are extremely friendly and helpful, but it may be worth the few extra bucks to reside somewhere closer to campus.

Pets: No pets permitted

Parking: Free parking

Rent: 1 bedroom $451, 2 bedroom $584, 3 bedroom $656
*Rent is monthly per apartment