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This blog touches on current issues in music, such as race, feminism and censorship. Music reviews and opinions are written by the girl between the beat, Hilary Crisan.

Who to follow: Twitter and the musicians who use it

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Twitter has become one of the largest social media crazes among younger age groups and has inadvertently affected almost every industry there is, including music. Through personal interaction, Twitter allowed bands and musicians to create fun, interactive online personas by tweeting at, favoriting or retweeting a fan’s tweet to them.

Top Ten Venues for the Avid Concertgoer

Written by Hilary Crisan on .

Kent Stage

As an avid concertgoer, I always found that the venue is an important aspect of a concert. I have been to shows in Cleveland, Akron, Kent and Columbus, and I have seen bands like The Who, Bob Dylan, The Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam.

Women Can Rock, Too!

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When I was 10 years old, I received a Fender mini Stratocaster for Christmas. My dad played guitar, and watching him made me want to learn. When I received that present, I was flabbergasted. “I’m going to play guitar in a rock band,” I thought to myself.

Bombay Bicycle Club’s 'So Long, See You Tomorrow' Album Review

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So Long

Bombay Bicycle Club is an indie-rock band based out of London composed of vocalist Jack Steadman, guitarist Jamie MacColl, drummer Suren de Saram and bassist Ed Nash. They have made their name across Europe, selling out shows in England and Ireland, but are still breaking through to the United States.