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Angelo Angel, a senior studying magazine journalism, is a 23-year-old student at Kent State. Angelo is best described as always looking very serious but in reality can be rather social and friendly. He likes to read the news, drink his coffee and, above all else, be full of life. Since his days in middle school when he would read “Rolling Stone” and “Time” during study hall, Angelo enjoyed reading the news and knowing how the world was faring. He would only realize after graduating from Chardon High School that he wanted to work within the news industry and make a career out of it. Angelo is involved with various student media organizations such as The Kent Stater, Black Squirrel Radio and TV2. He hopes he can make a career out of reporting international affairs or as a feature writer for a magazine. When he’s not working on improving his journalism skills, Angelo likes listening to live music in various cities, hiking through the woods and helping others when he can.


Yishan Li is a senior studying digital media production. After finishing her first and second year in broadcast and television journalism, Yishan transferred from Dalian University of Technology in China to Kent State to continue pursuing her media production study. She is the video and audio reporter for The Burr and also a videographer and photographer for A Magazine.

Excelling in major skills is her first step to achieve her career goal. The experience of living in China gives her a great number of classical oriental cultures. Studying abroad for many years makes her more open-minded and familiar with American culture. Otherwise, she focuses on fostering creative and characterizing elements. After working for two to three media companies and accumulating enough experience, she plans to run a company, which offers media production services for nonprofit organizations.

She loves all types of music, especially hip-hop music. What is worth mentioning is Yishan is a big fan of fashion and is always insisting on her own style. She believes life is too short to wear boring clothes.

Go to if you want to know more about Yishan and her works. If you have any questions or recommendations for her, email her.


Madeline Sugg is a sophomore video and audio reporter for this 2016 fall semester. While her name is Madeline, one would think she would go by Maddie, but she actually goes by Maggie. Don’t ask why. She studies digital media production with a concentration in film. Her favorite movies are “Heathers,” “Gone Girl” and “Suicide Squad.” (That last one was a joke. She really thinks Jared Leto should stick to music.) When not at The Burr, Maggie is either working at TV2, eating scrambled eggs at Rosie’s, doing arts and crafts or taking a really good nap. After graduating, if her student loans don’t consume her by then, Maggie would like to move to New York City and work for a film production company while writing screenplays at night in her overly expensive apartment. Maggie is excited for her second semester at The Burr and hopes you’ll go online to catch some of her videos she’ll be putting out for the website. If you would like to contact her, you can hit her with an email.