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Blythe Alspaugh is a senior magazine journalism major and resident assistant at Kent State University. Coming from the tiny town of Covington, Ohio, she’s jumped around the many platforms of student media and finally found a home at The Burr as the magazine’s Web producer and superwoman-in-training. In student media, she’s also worked for Fusion, KentWired and KSUBuzz. When she’s not up to her eyeballs in code, she’s watching some off-the-wall and perhaps dated movies for her blog “Stay Tuned.” In the brief moments of free time that come her way, she enjoys writing poetry and developing short stories, painting anything she can, tinkering around on the piano and mixing playlists of music that reminds her of a simpler time. After college, she hopes to swing a gig in the Web editing world of journalism while writing on the side. Until then, she’s content with making things happen at