Not all shaving cream is expensive. Some brands only cost $1.99, but if you’re looking for brand name, such as Coochy Shave Creme, then you might find yourself paying $10 for 8 ounces. Other high-end brands, such as The Art of Shaving cream, can cost $25 or more.

One fateful day after running out of shaving cream (and not realizing it until I was already in the shower), I decided to just use some conditioner. It worked pretty well, but it got me thinking what other alternatives there were to shaving cream, and after some research, I found the top alternatives were conditioner, baby oil, peanut butter and honey. I wanted to test them out to see how they compared to standard shaving cream. These are my experiences with the alternative methods.

Conditioner: I used V05’s strawberries and cream. It was $0.78 at Wal-Mart. When I used the conditioner as shaving cream, I noticed it softened the hair and made even stubborn hairs easier to shave. But, I didn’t get a very close shave, and I cut myself because of how slippery my skin became. My skin was also pretty dry afterward, so I had to use lotion.

  • Pros: It softened the hair, making it easier to shave.
  • Cons: It didn’t prevent cuts well, and my skin was dry after.
  • Verdict: ★★★☆. If I ever run out of shaving cream I will just reach for some conditioner as it is always in my shower. And if I’m running low on money, the conditioner I chose would work great because it was extremely cheap.

Baby oil – I used Little Ones baby oil, which I bought for $1.38. When I used the baby oil, my skin became oily and slippery. The razor glided quite nicely over my skin, and the oil prevented cuts very well. I read that using baby oil helps make your razor last longer, but I couldn’t tell after only using it once. Afterward, my skin was soft, though a little oily for my preference, but I did not need to use lotion.

  • Pros: Prevented cuts, I could easily see what I was shaving and I did not need to use lotion after. A little goes a long way.
  • Cons: Water and oil don’t mix, so the oil sat in the bottom of the tub. I had to be careful not to slip.
  • Verdict: ★★★☆. I would probably use this alternative method instead of the conditioner. I liked that I didn’t have to use lotion to moisturize. If I were to switch to this instead of shaving cream, I would have to invest in a mat for the tub.

Peanut butter – I used Jif peanut butter for this, which costs about $2 for a 16 ounce jar (I already had it in the house). The idea of using peanut butter was a little weird, but I decided to try it out anyway. It was kind of hard to smooth out evenly onto my wet skin, and it often clumped up in places. After mixing it with some water, I found it went on quite nicely. It clogged my razor, and it took forever to rinse it off of the razor, but my skin was extremely moisturized and smooth. This surprised me a bit, but my skin was smoother than when I used the baby oil. I didn’t need to follow up with a moisturizer, and it was probably the smoothest my skin has ever been straight out of the shower. If you have a peanut allergy try using coconut oil or one of the other alternatives listed.

  • Pros: Super smooth and moisturized skin, a 16-ounce jar would last a long time and most people already have peanut butter at home.
  • Cons: This was really messy. It clogged my razor, there were clumps of peanut butter all over the tub and somehow I got it in my hair. Basically everything was covered in peanut butter.
  • Verdict: ★★☆☆. If I run out of shaving cream, baby oil and conditioner I would use peanut butter. It did make my skin super smooth, but I could probably just use a nice lotion to get the same result.

Honey – I used Great Value honey, which I bought for about $3. When I put this on my skin, it was super runny because of the water. It ended up dripping everywhere before I could even really shave. It made my skin sticky, my razor sticky and the bathtub sticky (and it clogged my razor). In the places it didn’t drip all off, it made my skin feel smooth. While my skin felt smooth, I had to moisturize afterward.

  • Pros: My skin felt smooth.
  • Cons: The honey was runny and left everything sticky. It clogged my razor, and I couldn’t get it to wash out, so I had to throw the razor away. Maybe I didn’t use enough water with the honey, but I had to use soap twice to get rid of the sticky feeling, and I had to clean the bathtub.
  • Verdict: ★☆☆☆. Unless I run out of shaving cream, conditioner, peanut butter, other soaps and water I probably won’t be using honey ever again as a shaving cream alternative.
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