Words by Ashton Vogelhuber
Photo by Sam Karam

Sophomore language major David Fair compares his PC laptop to sophomore fashion merchandising major Lauren Breslow’s Macbook.

Technology reporter Ashton Vogelhuber looks into the war between Mac and PC as the leading computer brand.

Selecting a PC or a Mac used to be like picking what kind of car to buy because each device performed differently. Today, it’s like choosing chocolate or vanilla ice cream; both are good, but it’s all about taste.

User preference is what separates the field with price and familiarity.

Windows 10 and MacOS offer users the same browsers and storage options. While Windows 10 has extra features like touch screen laptops and Cortana, MacOS gives users seamless compatibility with the iPhone and iPad.

The cheapest Mac laptop on the market is the MacBook Air at $999 while a simple Windows 10 model can cost as low as $199.

The streamline system MacOS uses is a big draw for many Mac lovers. The system lets users connect their Mac, iPhone and iPad together. This feature enables users to respond to a text on their Mac or iPad without having their iPhone nearby.

Matthew Allen, a web developer for 216 Digital, works with 3-D modeling, Photoshop and video editing and says by building his own computer he understands how much power he’s going to get out of it. Ha also says building and creating his own computer is easier with Windows.

“Growing up, we always had a Windows computer, and my brother and I put our money together to build a computer,” Allen says. “We’ve always gone to PC because of that.”

Courtney Gardner, a sophomore studying hospitality management, says she likes Macs because the structure and format are similar to her iPhone.

Because of advanced operating systems, cost and acquaintance separate a Mac from a PC, making this war obsolete and user-preference dominant.

“With a PC you had to download more things where the Mac had more availability when you first opened it,” Gardner says.

Ashton Vogelhuber is the technology reporter for The Burr.