A Wild, Crazy, Bizarre Update to The Russia Story

Mar 9, 2018

Words by Alexander Kamczyc

It feels like the most popular saying for people who have either worked for or currently work for Trump’s administration is, “Hold my beer.”

They keep trying to one-up themselves when it comes to making their rounds in the media. We had Sean Spicer getting the ball rolling at his first press conference as press secretary. Next, we had Anthony Scaramucci, lasting only 11 days (yes, you read that right) in office. We’ve had Kellyanne Conway and everything she’s done in the office too. Bonus points for her because she apparently violated ethics rules while in office.

Sam Nunberg is the latest ex-Trump affiliate to take the jump during a slew of interviews on Monday. During those interviews, he said he wouldn’t listen to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s subpoena instructing him to release information such as emails between him, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon and other people within the Trump administration.

Of course, he is the first person to actually say, “screw that,” on live television. Some have speculated that Nunberg was drunk during these interviews. Honestly, listening to some of the interviews, I couldn’t keep from double checking to see if this wasn’t just an elaborate viral Jimmy Kimmel bit.

The reason this subpoena and the consequent interviews about the subpoena is important: Nunberg is on record with Jake Tapper saying Mueller most likely has something on Trump. He even made the assertion that some of his other advisers are guilty of collusion with Russia as well.

Whether or not it’s substantial is unsure at this point, and it’s hard to understand him at times during the interview. However, if what he says holds any weight, — which is a big if — we could be seeing some more huge developments in the following months regarding the Russia investigation.

That being said, a bit of good news: He has reversed his original statement and will work with Mueller now, probably thanks to the loads of unsolicited advice by every news anchor who  interviewed him yesterday telling him not to break the law.

However, let’s not let this distract us from the fact Trump wants to start a trade war with the rest of the world. Or that he admires China’s president Xi Jinping’s removal of term limits, making himself president for life, praising him even. Or even the fact the national conversation on gun control has essential been swept under the rug. Trump essentially flip-flopped on his stance in a week, from wanting stricter laws to being buddies with the NRA again.


The circus goes on and on and on.

So until we figure out what’s going on this week, enjoy a playlist of some of the crazy interviews Sam Nunberg gave earlier this week.





And Here’s Stephen Colbert’s reaction to it for good measure: