Fresh fruit, cold milk, yummy yogurt and—kale?
Fruit smoothies are a staple of health foods. They can be filling, delicious and good for you, so it’s no wonder why there are thousands of smoothie recipes for just about everyone’s taste.
Strawberry and banana is a signature classic, and mango is the perfect tart treat for some. But my favorite kinds of smoothies are the scarier-looking green ones.
I grew up with enough children in my family to learn that if something looks weird, people are not even going to try it. Understandable, but I promise this green smoothie formula is bound to create a drink worth the risk.
Start with the base—the liquid at the bottom of the blender that gives your smoothie its drinkability. You have options here:

Almond milk
Soy milk
Coconut water
Cow milk
Filtered water

Next, the intimidating part: the greens.
Spinach: This is a great green to incorporate in your smoothie because it’s packed with Vitamin K. Just one cup contains 200 percent of the daily recommended amount, according to The site also states that because of its high content of Vitamin A, spinach also helps the skin stay healthy, fights acne and maintains a healthy immune system.
Collard Greens: The website points out how unfortunate it is that more Americans aren’t consuming this nutrient-dense green more often. One cup of raw collard greens contains 266 grams of calcium, which is known for its ability to create and maintain strong bones.
Kale: My favorite green that has an incredible number of health benefits, all while being basically tasteless in a green smoothie. tackles just a few of its benefits, including its insane amount of iron. Per calorie, kale has more iron than beef.
After the greens, add in some fruit to sweeten the smoothie. Any of your favorite fruits will help sweeten it, but here are some the best to pair with greens:

Green apple
Any berries

Finally, add vanilla-flavored yogurt to make the smoothie a little creamier. You also have the option to add extra boosts to the smoothie, such as protein powder, chia seeds, flaxseed or matcha powder. Honey, raw agave or stevia can be added to make the smoothie a little sweeter as well, but I’d wait on these until you master your own favorite smoothie formula.
In the end, it’s green, it’s weird looking, and the idea of putting leaves into a smoothie may seem unconventional; however, not only can the ingredients improve your health in numerous different ways, but you also might find you really like the taste.
Start with a little more fruit in the beginning, and then start adding more green after a few attempts.
The quotes on the Naked Green Machine bottle say exactly what we’re all thinking:
” ‘Looks weird.’ Sip.”
” ‘Tastes amazing.’ Sip.”
” ‘Still looks weird.’ ”