Words by Marisa Santillo

I personally find that different and unique apps on our phones make our lives easier. I especially felt that way when I first moved to Kent. From trying to find my way around to keeping up with my classes and meeting new people, there are multiple apps that have made my life a lot easier in my transition to college. Some of these apps I have used for a long time, and some I have just started using within the last month. In this article, I have listed my favorite apps that I use to make it through the day and make my life a little easier. 

KSU Mobile

If for some reason you still do not have this app at this point, you seriously need to get it. It has so many resources for you to access pretty much anything that you need related to Kent State. My favorite features have been the campus maps, dining menus, bus tracker, class schedule and events. Literally everything that you could possibly need on a daily basis is on this app. 


This is an app that I personally used a lot before coming to campus, and I still use it quite frequently. If you haven’t heard of UNidays, it is an app that offers a  ton of discounts for college students, from favorite brands to tons of scholarship opportunities. Some of my favorite discounts include American Eagle, Aerie, Apple Music, Forever 21 and so much more! The app also offers discounts in other categories, but my favorite has to be the fashion section, mainly because it is rare to get a discount on name brands every time you shop there. 

Handshake Jobs & Careers

If you are in need of a job on campus, Handshake is the way to go. Although I am not personally looking for a job right now, it is a good app to have so you know where to go if you decide to get an on-campus job. The app shows you all of the options you have, however, it is important to keep up with it because the options can change daily! 

Egenda – School Planner & Assistant

Egenda is my favorite way to keep up with all of my student-related responsibilities. It is basically a planner for your phone that I use to put all of the stuff from my planner into. I still use my planner every day, but it is convenient having everything that needs to get done a couple of weeks in advance on my phone. I also love that you can delete everything that you have already accomplished. So satisfying. 

Pocket Points: Student Rewards

This is one of my favorite apps on this list!  The app works by giving you points for every minute you are not using your phone (such as while in class). Your points can then be redeemed for awesome student discounts and coupons as a reward for staying focused and spending less time distracted on your phone. When I am trying to study, it is the best incentive to think of the free stuff I am earning. 

Mobile ID

This app allows you to link your student ID to your phone. The best thing about this app is that you can use it to get into your dorm if you lost or do not have your ID on you. It is honestly a lifesaver. 


When I first got to campus, I could not figure out the bus schedule. One of my friends told me about the PARTA app, and it saved my life. I just figured out how to use the bus this week thanks to this app (embarrassing I know), but I am so relieved I did, especially for those rainy days and winter is fast approaching. 

Food Apps

When you have a late-night craving or just want something other than dining hall food, I definitely recommend downloading apps like Doordash, Grubhub, and my favorite (but the most dangerous) the Insomnia Cookie app. All of these apps allow you to order your favorite foods from your phone and deliver them right to your residence hall or apartment. I am also a huge fan of the Starbucks app. In on-campus locations, you are able to use gift cards that are loaded to your phone and earn rewards by using the app, which I find very convenient. The only downside is that you can’t redeem the rewards you earn at on-campus locations, but you can always take a short walk to downtown Kent and visit that Starbucks to use your free drink reward. 


Quizlet is my favorite way to study and prepare for exams. Having the Quizlet app on your phone is so convenient, especially for reviewing your flashcards between classes, while grabbing some lunch or when you are in bed (like I do). 

Google Apps

There also are quite a few Google apps that I find myself using pretty frequently. My favorites include Google Docs and Google Drive to keep up with or work on assignments. I also have had to download Google Sheets to schedule meetings or other events. 


Hopefully, everyone already has the Blackboard mobile app by now, but if you do not, it is so useful. It allows you to access everything for your classes pretty quickly if you are in a rush, having random worries about an overdue assignment or when you just do not feel like grabbing and turning on your laptop. I personally check my Blackboard every day anyway, but having it on my phone is just more convenient. 

Hopefully, these apps can help add a little extra convenience into your everyday life as they have done for me! There are honestly so many awesome apps out there to help with college life, but hopefully, you will love some of my favorites just as much as I do!

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