Words by Kiana Duncan

How do I manage my time having a social life and studying? – A.G.

Dear A.G.,

Ah, yes. The ultimate conundrum. College isn’t all about school, you’re here for the experience as well. However, you’re going to need something to show for when you graduate in a few years. So the story goes. This is probably the hardest problem most freshmen, or any students at all face. The first step is to own a planner, aka your bible for the next four years. Write EVERYTHING down! None of this “I’ll remember” crap. Because no, you won’t. The next thing is to identify when exactly you have free time and when you don’t. If your Tuesdays are hell, don’t ask your friends if they want to come hang out and watch movies. Trust me, getting ahead is easy, but catching up is miserable. The other option is to combine the two. Study sessions can be a great way to bond and get things done, but if these aren’t friends that can productively study, I wouldn’t do it. My last tip is to use downtime productively between classes, and don’t try to finish everything at once. Try to do one or two assignments a day, and then you’ll have a lot more time than you think.

Where can I get something other than fried food on this campus? -R.P.

Dear R.P.,

So Rosie’s has got ya down, huh? The mozzarella sticks may be good for the soul, but man are they tough on the stomach. After those first few weeks of cheesy freedom lies regret and possibly the freshmen 15. So if you’re looking for something that isn’t fried food, the markets around campus are a great idea. Rosie’s market has lots of healthy options like yogurt, hummus, fruit. They even have a gluten and wheat free section which is delicious even if you aren’t gluten-free.  Kent Market 1 has healthier options as well, even bowls of soup and pre-made sandwiches. Einstein’s a quick, easy fix for hunger with breakfast food like bagels, flatbreads, and sandwiches. Kent Market 2 has pasta dishes with healthy options like squash. As always, there are many places that will let you call ahead and order things that are low-sodium and gluten-free if you ask! Lastly, Quaker has great salads and an awesome rice bowl! Happy hunting!