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The Student News Site of Kent State University

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The Student News Site of Kent State University

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Pakiza holds a photo of her family, four people sitting on a rock in the forest as sun peeks through the trees.

Pakiza Shirinova: Taking Life Day by Day

Sophia Lucente February 4, 2023

For Pakiza Shirinova, a graduate student at Kent State University, her future in the United States is never guaranteed.   Pakiza has only one year until her student visa runs out and she could...

Six people stand behind a blue and gold Kent State flag they are holding. They are in Israel, on a hill with a valley behind them and blue skies above.

Hillel Kent State: Creating Conversation About World Conflict

Sophia Lucente January 31, 2023

In January, Hillel took student leaders to Israel and Palestine over winter break to create a better dialogue in the Kent community about the conflict.. Hillel, an organization for Jewish life on campus,...

Features the Williamson House, a white house in a snowy scene. The walkway is cleared and inviting.

‘New year, new us’: Women’s Center continues mission with many plans

Isabella Schreck January 25, 2023

The Women’s Center will host over 20 events this semester, continuing to promote its goal of gender-equity awareness with a “new energy.” “I think a lot of times people look around campus...

Christmas gifts wrapped in red ribbon

The Last Minute Gift Guide

Isabella Rosette December 17, 2022

With the holidays already upon us, many are left scrambling to find that perfect gift for a friend, special someone, or roommate. The season of secret Santa's and white elephant gift exchanges is upon...

Chapter 2: The TikTok Classics

Chapter 2: The TikTok Classics

Mariah Alanskas October 9, 2022

Since its rise to popularity, TikTok has been the basis of countless trends, content creation and overall cultural movements. Recently, there has been a revival of the written word on the social media...

My Top Three Albums At The Moment

My Top Three Albums At The Moment

Ashley Caudill October 9, 2022

As the cold weather starts to settle in, I have quite a bit of time to listen to some albums I love. However, picking my top three albums at the moment is not an easy task. I listen to many different...

Girls are a Girls Best Friend

Girls are a Girl’s Best Friend

October 3, 2022

“I prefer to be friends with boys, they’re less drama.” Was something my 16-year-old coworker said. I couldn’t blame her when I heard it. Girls can be mean, especially when you’re younger. However,...

LARPing & The Ohtari

LARPing & The Ohtari

Nathaniel Hedington, Blogger September 30, 2022

Welcome weary traveler! Come on in, the Adventurer’s Guild welcomes you! Take a seat and have a drink. I will be your guide on your journey into realms of mystery, melee and magic. There are nigh limitless...

Chapter 1: A Readers Fall Guide

Chapter 1: A Reader’s Fall Guide

September 24, 2022

There’s more to the reading process than just the books. Although they are the most important factor,  the entire experience of the reading process is really what makes book lovers love to read. From...

The Tunes of Emotions

The Tunes of Emotions

Ashley Caudill, Blogger September 23, 2022

Since I was little, music has had a solid space reserved in my life. It is one thing in my nineteen years that has stayed consistent. It brings out the strongest emotions and feelings that nothing else...

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