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Brianna Camp

Brianna Camp

Brie Camp is a junior journalism major who hails from an inconsequential little town in Pennsylvania known only for their local liberal arts college and the overwhelming amount of pizza joints. Brianna is a transfer student and recently switched majors from English to journalism but has always held a passion for words and their many sneaky ways of stringing together to create meaningful stories. This is their first semester at The Burr, and they are excited to get started on writing about anything and everything. In their spare time, Brianna enjoys cooking, spending time with their girlfriend and their dogs Samson and Buddy, caring for their plants, and watching great movies. You can usually catch Brie on campus working at the Student Center or grabbing a coffee to keep them and their laptop company. You can contact Brie via email at or you can follow them on Instagram @_b_a_n_a_n_a_g_r_a_m_s.

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