The other day, one of my friends sent me a picture of her bathwater with a Lush bath bomb in it. The water was so pretty. It was sparkling with glitter, and the water was several beautiful shades of pink and orange. After seeing this picture, I really wanted a bath bomb for myself. So I decided to check out some of Lush’s products.

Lush sells a variety of bathroom products and according to its website, everything is handmade. The products range from shampoos, makeup, soaps and, of course, bath bombs. One Lush bath bomb could cost anywhere from $3.95 to $6.95. Tied for money, I decided this was too much for one bath bomb. So I took to the Internet to find an alternative. I wanted to make and personalize my own bath bomb.

There are a ton of different recipes for making homemade bath bombs, but here is the one I chose to follow.

Olive Oil Essential Oil Lemon Juice Food Coloring Cornstarch Baking Soda Epsom Salt
2 ¾ TBS Personal preference 1 TSP Personal Preference ½ cup 1 cup ¼ cup
$3.99 Save-A- Lot $2.99 Hobby Lobby $0.78 Walmart $3.48 Walmart $0.99 Save A Lot $0.59 Save-A- Lot $3.57 Walmart

I already had Epsom salt, baking soda, olive oil and food coloring so I only spent a total of $4.76 on ingredients. You can probably find a lot of these ingredients around your house as well. You will also need two bowls for mixing the ingredients and something to shape the bath bomb. I used a soap mold from Hobby Lobby for $2.49. I also used a cookie sheet with wax paper so they didn’t stick, but aluminum foil would work just as well. Here is how I made my homemade bath bombs.

leaf graphic
Photo by Lexy Cummins.
  • Get out two bowls: One for dry ingredients and one for wet ingredients.
  • Start with the dry ingredients. Put them all in a bowl and mixed them together.
  • You can also add in baking sprinkles, glitter, flower petals or pretty much anything you want.
  • Then move onto the wet ingredients and mix those together.
  • You can put in as much food coloring and essential oil as you want.
  • Dump the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients.
  • Stir them together fast or else all of the fizz will happen in the bowl. Some fizzing is normal.
  • When it is like the consistency of wet sand, you are ready to start molding the bath bombs.
  • Put it in a mold and pack it down in.
  • Once it is packed down, carefully take the bath bombs out of the molds and place them on a cookie sheet to dry for several hours.

And that is it! I spent a total of $7.25 on six bath bombs and I had a lot of ingredients left over for future batches. For more information go to: