By: Puja Mohan

The spring semester is quite a dragging and overwhelming semester, with a week long break somewhere in between and the off chance of a snow or cold day. Last April, my friends and I reached the point of exhaustion and desired for the semester to be over. We decided to take a much needed break one weekend in order to relax and truly embrace the warm weather coming back. The best way to do that was by visiting Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The drive there is only about 25 minutes from Kent, Ohio. The park offers lots of open fields where many joyfully play with their pets, toss a football around, lightly jog or blaze through the trails, or simply cease the opportunity of natural lighting and a scenic background to take pictures for Instagram. Many of my friends and I enjoyed the abundance of nature by sitting on the ledges there, overlooking its natural beauty. Unfortunately, we were not able to wait until sunset, but I can imagine the view would be astounding. The falls, the spring trees and overall mellowness of the park was refreshing from the winter weather that created a more dark and dreary atmosphere in Kent.

Another beautiful time of year to hike and journey along the trails is in the fall. During this time of year, the leaves are covered in beautiful colors, and the weather is tolerable. My family visited around late September, and we hiked through the Summit Metro Parks. The calming fall breeze, soft sounds of the water, as well as the radiant color of the fall leaves made this park a good trip with my family. The park only being less than 30 minutes out of Kent made it even more enjoyable for my family because we didn’t need to go too far for a good nature walk.  

Downtown Kent itself even has a nature spot worth exploring: the Cuyahoga River. The green fields surrounding Kent’s campus are nice spots to play sports, have picnics or soak in some sun rays as well. However, the city of Kent does lack natural scenery, aside from the river and the campus greens. If people want to enjoy a more nature-filled scenery, they might have to drive a bit aways from Kent to enjoy the natural beauty of Ohio. The drive is well worth it though.