In the world of health magazines, detoxes have been featured and presented many different ways. There are juice cleanses, no-carb cleanses and cleanses that are supposed to help you lose weight and detox your system.
I haven’t tried many of these detoxes, mainly because I can’t go more than four hours without food, but also because I can’t understand how restricting a diet to such extremes could be beneficial. However, one day I came across a detox that didn’t seem so extreme.
Your Tea is a company that uses Instagram and Twitter to promote its health tea drinks. After researching the company’s site, I found a tea I wanted to try that promised a healthier, detoxed system after two weeks. It’s called the Tiny Tea 14-day Teatox.
The tea works with three servings of boiling water and three tea bags each day for 14 days. The Your Tea website states that the tea is an “intricately balanced herbal blend” that will “nourish and cleanse your digestive system, providing it the support it needs to replenish and restore back to its natural state.” The site claims that the cleanse will assist in reducing weight, improving your skin, easing bloating and increasing energy levels. It recommends eating three meals a day and drinking the tea roughly 30 minutes prior to a meal.
Before I spent the money, I searched the Internet to see what people were saying about Tiny Tea. To my surprise, the majority of people who had used the product said it accomplished at least two of the benefits listed on the site. Once I received my own package of Tiny Tea, I was excited to begin.
First, the packaging is incredibly appealing and the arrival time was adequate. The tea has a very simple taste, so I always added sugar to make it sweeter.
I began the cleanse on a Monday to better track my weekly process, and by the first Friday, I noticed my skin was clearing up significantly. I also noticed my energy levels had increased, which increased my motivation to get to the Student Recreational and Wellness Center. By the following Monday, halfway through the process, I was impressed with how regulated my diet had been. I was snacking less and feeling full longer. Finally, on my last Monday drinking the tea, I realized it had significantly increased my daily consumption of water. I was craving different kinds of tea as well, which can be a great source of nutrients.
There are many different types of tea offered by the Your Tea company, and my positive experience with Tiny Tea has prompted me to try more. If you are looking for a detox that is simple, incorporates food and has relatively quick results, you should consider trying it. Tiny Tea worked for me, but everyone is different. There are plenty of alternative detox options to try, so do plenty of research before trying any new substance.