Exploring the Future

Sep 1, 2017

Words by Tia Myers-Rocker

Entering college with a plan is great, but plans change.

My freshmen year went by flawlessly. I only took sixteen credits each semester, I regularly met with my advisor, and I declared a major.

I wasn’t so lucky when the next year rolled around.

Reality slapped me in the face.


The countless electives I could take with and the added pressure of challenging classes became overwhelming.

I remember questioning my major and feeling extremely lost. Reaching out, I asked others around me what their plan was, but the answers were shocking — most of my peers were exploratory majors who were figuring things out one class at a time.

Each year, more than 600 students choose exploratory as a major, according to Kent State.

A few of the students I spoke with entered college with a plan, like me, then changed their minds. Frankly, a majority of what I learned that year did not come from a classroom.

I discovered that all the various courses offered at Kent State could take you down several different paths and it’s okay to explore them.

The roadmap taught to freshmen during orientation is just a helpful tool put in place to guide students in a general direction.

Kent State created the six step exploration plan to help navigate students like you and I in the right direction.

Deciding what you’re going to do in the future is hard. When you’re feeling lost, your best options are talking to fellow students, your parents, and your advisor.