Words by Hailee Carlin

Getting involved on campus can be rewarding with Kent State’s FLASHperks program.

According to its website, FLASHperks is a student rewards program that offers prizes for attending various events around campus. At the events, a student’s Flashcard can be swiped to add points onto their total.

Once points accumulate, students can redeem them for various prizes, such as hats, cups, sweatshirts and other FLASHperks gear.

Every event attended gives students an entry into a drawing at Flashfest at the end of the year.  One of the main prizes includes a year of free tuition.

Ashleigh Byrer, a sophomore majoring in digital media production, is an avid user of FLASHperks.

“I try to go to as many events with FLASHperks as I can, with the main goal to stack up my prizes,” Byrer says. “I like the ease of finding FLASHperks events. What I like the most, though, is the fact that once you spend points, they don’t go away so you can keep building them up and redeeming bigger prizes along the way.”

Byrer has 3,000 points in the program. She hasn’t been able to redeem anything yet, though, due to the website showing her point balance as zero.

“If the website was fixed, I would get the Kent State hat at this point,” Byrer says. “I think this program could be improved by fixing the bug on the website and educating other students on it.”

Many students don’t know what the FLASHperks program is. Emails used to get sent to Haley Hagan, a sophomore studying criminal justice, encouraging her to cash in her points, but Hagan says she didn’t know how to.

“I used to get points by going to events like themed dinners at Eastway and the basketball games,” Hagan says. “I like that I can get free stuff, but I think it should be explained more and be made more aware of what the perks are.”

Cynthia Stokes, a sophomore majoring in pre-nursing, is a transfer student and didn’t know what FLASHperks was. After she learned about the program, however, Stokes has no desire to participate.

“I was a transfer student and was never informed about FLASHperks,” Stokes says. “I honestly have no idea what it is. I want a chance to win free tuition, but the other prizes don’t intrigue me. I have no use for them.”

Another reason Stokes dislikes the idea of FLASHperks is because she believes the tuition giveaway is unfair.

“Someone could go to all of the events and lose the drawing to someone who only went five times,” Stokes says.

You can follow @FLASHperks on Twitter for updates on events or go to flashperks.kent.edu to see scores and more information.

Hailee Carlin is the student life reporter for The Burr.