Words by Hailee Carlin

Image via Creative Commons.

As a freshman, it can be overwhelming. Many find that their freshman year sets the stage for the rest of their college career.

Colton Hayes, a freshman chemistry, biochemistry pre-medicine major, says that Kent State wasn’t one of his first choices.

“I only came here at first for the financial aid and scholarships I got,” Hayes says. “I also then saw that Kent had a nice social life so that was a draw.”

After arriving in Kent, that impression was reinforced for Hayes. Hayes found a group of people he connected with who helped him find his niche at Kent State.

“I met a lot of nice people when I first came here,” Hayes says. “I got along with them very well, but they weren’t like the people I was surrounded by at home. I was a smarter kid in high school and didn’t find many people who thought like me.”

Hayes lived in Wright Hall for his first year. He says he didn’t like residence hall life very much.

“I’ve had two roommates, and I didn’t really like either of them,” Hayes says. “I honestly hate living in a dorm. It sucks. A lot of times I sleep at my fraternity house. I do understand why it could be enjoyable, though, and saw that other people had good experiences.”

While Hayes was already comfortable at Kent State, joining his fraternity found him his close friends. He says it’s his favorite part about being a student here and changed how he thinks about himself.

“I am more confident in myself and more experienced,” Hayes says. “I thought I was ready for college. I knew it would be difficult, but I just expected that I would be able to deal with it. I needed to learn skills that would make it not as difficult.”

Paul Marchky, a freshman aviation flight technology major, decided to come to Kent State due to his major.

“I love meeting people with the same major as me because it’s not very common,” Marchky says. “I honestly like my classes and think it’s worth it.”

Marchky thinks Kent State is the perfect fit for him.

“I met all these great people, and I couldn’t imagine myself on any other campus,” Marchky says.

Olivia Edwards, a freshman pre-nursing major, felt at home with Kent State as soon as she set foot on campus.

“I could feel the familial vibe while I was on my campus tour and decided it was the perfect size campus as well,” Edwards says.

She also loved the scenery, especially the flowers and trees. Edwards says she got used to campus by walking around campus and continuing her normal day-to-day life, making changes as she needed to.

Edwards also says that living in the residence halls, unlike Hayes, has been the most influential part of campus for her.

“In comparison to some horror stories I’ve heard, I would say I’ve had a pretty amazing experience,” Edwards says. “It brought me my best friends and made me feel more at home here.”

Next year, Edwards will be applying to the spring nursing program and living in Centennial Court C.

“I feel that Kent has taught me even more so that everyone is different,” Edwards says. “We all have different personalities and preferences and that is OK. Not everyone is meant to like each other.”

The most important part of the school year for Edwards is the relationships she’s made. The friends she has made has made Kent State feel even more like home for her.

“I have learned to be my complete self and in doing so I have found five amazing girls that accept me,” Edwards says. “I know we will be friends in the long run, and that’s the best thing you can have.”

Hailee Carlin is the student life reporter for The Burr.