By Ilenia Pezzaniti

Brandee Shields lives in a middle-class neighborhood near Akron, Ohio, with her husband, David, stepson and dog. She’s 27 years old, works full time filing quote requests for recycled car parts, and she is a “cam girl,” a person who lets others pay to watch her play with her body on camera. At first, David didn’t like the idea of Brandee masturbating for other men, in real time, online. But Brandee has always been aware of and interested in exploring her sexuality since childhood, and she can remember the exact moments that might have sparked her awareness. Before she was a cam girl, Brandee was an alternative adult model. Now, she sees “camming” as another way to help people, as long as her help isn’t damaging to the viewer’s relationship. Brandee discusses her motivation for becoming a cam girl, the ups and downs of the gig, and the couple talks openly about the ways Brandee’s camming affects their relationship.