Holiday Horrors… Or Not

Nov 28, 2017

Words by Kellie Nock

It’s been a long and arduous semester. Papers, presentations, exams swamped us all down, and the looming thought of finals grows ever closer. With no fall break, Kent students have to trudge on through, counting down the days until the semester is over. However, there is a small savior, a few days toward the end of November where we can take a minute to breathe. Yes, Thanksgiving is coming up, and with it, five days of rest.

Even for those who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s a good opportunity to catch up with your life. You have some time to slow down and take a second, which is exactly what you should be doing. Little breaks like these are few and far between, so it’s in your best interest to utilize them to your best extent. I know it’s not the first thing on my mind during Thanksgiving “break,” but catching up on some homework or projects isn’t a bad idea. Just take an hour or so each day to just put in a little bit of work on something big. That way, when we get back for the rest of the semester you won’t have so much cramming to do at the end (when you could otherwise be enjoying sleigh rides, hot chocolate, and other winter-related festivities). I find that taking a little bit of my downtime and devoting it to getting things done has helped me overall at the end of the day. While I would rather be hanging out with my friends or (more realistically) binging a new show on Netflix, I realize that there will always be time for those things (and if I do the important stuff now, I’ll have time for fun stuff later).

Some people are just procrastinators and that’s okay, not everyone can follow my advice. While my advice above is pretty sound, it’s understandable to want to just relax and put school out of your head for a minute. So maybe instead, you can take this free time and use it to get organized (maybe buy that planner that I was pushing so hard a few blogs ago). Something I think is a good idea to do, is to organize your stuff in order of importance: what’s due right when I get back? What do I have a few weeks to work on? When you’re able to answer those questions and organize your things based on that, you’ll have an easier time prioritizing what is most important.

And don’t forget to enjoy your time to yourself. I know holidays can be a nightmare for some of us, maybe because of family pressure or maybe because we just don’t enjoy the stress of these kinds of social interactions, but it’s just one day, and then we have some time for ourselves. Maybe take this chance to catch up with friends, or practice some self-care. Whatever the case, this time is for you, it’s up to you how you want to use it.