Words by Hannah Miller

Leaving the place you’ve called home for most of your life and jumping into something new is scary and exciting all at the same time. That moment you’ve been dreaming of is finally here, you are no longer under your parents roof. This comes with a lot of responsibilities and bumps in the road, though. Here are some tips on how to get through your first year of college (or any year, let’s be honest).


You know, this might be a given since we have to breathe to live, but sometimes I think we all forget to take a moment to actually step back and reflect on everything going on. It’s important to keep your eye on what’s really important and why you are pursuing a higher education in the first place. Even then, if you realize that this isn’t for you and decide to take another path in life, taking time to breathe is a good thing to do.

Call Your Parents

Yeah, yeah I know we’ve all been fantasizing about the moment we finally are set free from our parents reins (for the most part), but we can’t just leave them in the dust. Calling your parents is a way to keep yourself sane throughout the stresses of college. It will help them get a piece of mind knowing how you’re doing, and who knows, it may even give you a piece of mind too.

Know Your Priorities

One of the many struggles of coming to college is that we don’t have anybody holding our hand reminding us when assignments are due, a test is coming up, etc. It’s helpful to have a planner where you can write down when all your assignments are due and when all your tests are for each class so you know how to prioritize your time and energy.

Have Fun

Working towards a degree is what we’re paying for when we come to college, but we can’t forget to have a little fun while we’re here. Leaving home and your family is an experience in itself, but actually being on your own is where the true college experience begins. If someone invites you to get food, to go out, to go to the gym, take them up on their offer! You may end up meeting some of your best friends in the process.

Those were some tips on how to survive your first year of college, but did you know how much you’d miss your cat, bedroom or stovetop Kraft mac n cheese? Watch out for next week’s blog post about things you didn’t think you’d miss while being in college.