By Daisha Overstreet

Finally, it’s the weekend. It is officially time to kick back, relax and put all worries on hold. But tonight, I’ve volunteered to be the designated driver. There are two people in my friend group who can legally drive and, unfortunately, I am one of those drivers. The thought of being in a hot, sweaty party surrounded by drunk people instantly annoys me.  Although I wasn’t in the best mood at first, being sober doesn’t have to be boring.

One thing I can say is that I’ve quickly become accustomed to the various routes to certain parties by being the DD (I’m not from Kent, just so you know). That, along with hearing the outrageous and brutally honest conversations intoxicated people have in the car is greatly entertaining. From boys, to “oh no she didn’ts” to simply embarrassing stories, you can gather up some pretty funny and informative facts as a DD. That’s probably one of my favorite things about driving.

Let me shed some light on having fun while sober at the party because it is possible. One night, my girls and I stopped by a frat party down Main Street. This was my first frat experience, so it was a tad overwhelming, but being the only fully coordinated person in the house was quite amusing.

My senses were sharp, so I saw and heard almost everything that was going on. Ducking and dodging drunk bodies made me feel like a swift ninja among sloths. Boy, was that funny. As a DD, I got to see first-hand how people act under the influence. Several times that night I saw girls with wobbly ankles trying to keep balance and a guy in the middle of the dance floor swinging his shirt over his head. A few people were spotted taking naps all through the house, and there was a crowd going crazy at the beer pong table. “Taking a step back” and dealing with drunk people can give you a good laugh.

Now, people-watching is a great source of entertainment, but you don’t want to look like a creep standing in the corner laughing to yourself the whole night. Take a break from it and talk to people — play beer pong or dance. You can make a lot of friends at parties just by opening up and having a good laugh.

One night after towing people back and forth, I finally got to kick back and have a good time. I met a cute boy this night, and (so cliché) we hit it off instantly. Turns out, he’s a little on the Stage 5 Clinger side as Pauly D or Vinny from the Jersey Shore would say, but that’s a different story.

With beer pong, I can guarantee your partner will be more than welcome to take the heat for you. I, on the other hand, stink at this game, so I steer clear of the table to save myself the embarrassment.

Partying sober is also a definite patience-builder, because drunk people will undoubtedly test your patience. I deal with drunk people by simply letting them be drunk and happy. As long as he or she isn’t disrespecting me, we’re cool. Arguing with drunk people is a never-ending cycle, so just don’t do it. He or she won’t remember what was said, and you’ll just be angry for the remainder of the night. I don’t babysit, but I make sure my friends aren’t making fools of themselves. That’s just friend code.

When in doubt, dance it out! If you’re growing tired of staring at people or feel socially awkward talking, then grab your girlfriends (or for a guy, grab a girl) and dance. This is my favorite thing to do. All my worries magically disappear once a good twerking song or “Timber” by Ke$ha comes on. Yes, sweat is involved, but like Beyoncé  sings in “Get Me Bodied,” “a little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody.”

It is possible to have fun above the influence, and taking responsibility as the DD reduces the risk of ruining a good night. It’s always reassuring taking this responsibility because I know everyone will be safe. So take one for the team. It’ll still be a fun night.