By: Puja Mohan

Being in Ohio for the first time after starting college at Kent State, the desire to explore Kent was at its prime the moment I began classes in the summer of 2017. Now I will admit, I did enjoy the small, quiet ambiance of Kent, but I didn’t have much hope in terms of activities to do around Kent. However, through the process of getting to know my close friends in college, along with spending time with my family when they would visit, I’ve experienced quite a bit of Kent and other surrounding cities in Ohio. I must put out a disclaimer that I am no expert, nor a native of Kent or the state of Ohio. This is simply my experiences at these places, and by no means am I discouraging anyone from visiting anywhere.

I’ll start out with the go-to movie place for me and my friends: MovieScoop Kent Plaza Cinemas. “Girls Trip” was the first movie I saw there. If you know of or have seen the movie, you can imagine the awkwardness this movie can bring when watching with people you barely know. Initially, I associated this place with the memory of complete awkwardness and discomfort. In addition, the theater we were placed in had uncomfortable seating, average ticket pricing and overall was not particularly appealing.

However, we returned a month or so later to watch “Spider-Man: Homecoming on a Monday. We discovered the $5 Monday special, where any movie (not in 3D I believe) was only $5 with a small bucket of popcorn. The seats were still average in this theatre, but the affordability was ideal. My only warning is that if you were to go on Mondays, especially to see a popular movie, book tickets in advance. When we went to see both “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Avengers,” tickets were sold out, so beware.

“A Simple Favor” was my best experience of movie watching in Kent. We were placed in what was known as Luxury Seating, marked as Lux online, which included reclining seats. This, along with the $5 deal, is quite the steal if you and your friends want to watch a new movie. My friends and I went to Katie’s Korner for ice cream afterwards, where they have delicious sundaes and pretty much anything ice cream related at a decent price.

I admit the outward appearance of the theatre can be questionable, and the food is pretty mediocre. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to have fun nearby I would recommend this theatre for any student on campus, as it is no more than five minutes away. The closest theatre in my hometown was AMC theatres, and while these do appear to be more fancy, paying $11 to watch the same movies you could watch on Mondays in Kent is not worth it. Perhaps the quality at AMC may be better, but at the end of the day the movie theatre experience entails comfort, entertainment and affordability, all in which this Kent Plaza has to offer.