Words by Lauryn Rosinski

It is the week before spring break. During this time of the school year, I imagine professors get together and decide unanimously that they will give students as much work as possible at the same time. Then they laugh. A lot.

This increase in work means many students will be pulling painful all-nighters. Only one thing can make these all-nighters more bearable… coffee.

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Trust me, the perfect cup of coffee will get you through college; however, where can Kent students find this satisfying cup of Joe? Where can students find a place to study while drinking this coffee? When am I actually going to answer these questions? (I will now.)

In Kent, we are fortunate to have many types of coffee shops. Below, I have the coffee shops students tend to go to the most. If you have been to all of these coffee shops, you are pretty much a Kent Coffee Connoisseur. If you have not been to all or any

of these coffee shops, take the Kent Coffee Challenge. Go and try a cup of coffee at every coffee shop you have not been to. I doubt you will be disappointed.

Anyway, here it is: The Kent Coffee List



  • Starbucks

Yes, it is a brand name. You can find a Starbucks anywhere. However, it is kind of nice to have a brand name you know and trust right on the corner, especially if you are a fashion or journalism student. Although Starbucks is always busy, some of the best studying spots and WiFi are in that building. When you want some routine in your day, go get some coffee at Starbucks and enjoy, as long as it’s not in a red cup. After all, it ruined Christmas.

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  • Dunkin’ Donuts

I love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Its coffee has gotten me through many exams, multimedia projects and homework assignments. What I love about Dunkin’ Donuts is the drive-thru. Do not get me wrong—the inside of the building is nice; however, sometimes I just need to get coffee on-the-go. Dunkin’ Donuts helps me obtain quality coffee at a quick pace. The only downside to going there is that you simply cannot resist saying yes to a donut with your coffee. I mean, come on. A heart shaped donut with brownie filling? Who can say no to that? Seriously, who? Teach me how to say no to Dunkin’ Donuts donuts.

  • Jazzman’s Coffee

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Kent students that live on campus, have no fear. Jazzman’s Café & Bakery is here for you. When I lived on campus, I would stop at Jazzman’s right before I would spend a whole night studying at the library. Trust me, Jazzman’s coffee was the only positive part of that experience. Jazzman’s has tasty drinks, such as white chocolate and caramel mochas, for the cheap price of meal plan money, which is basically Monopoly money. On-campus students, enjoy these delicious drinks and your swipes. Off-campus students, find yourself an awesome swifey who can buy these drinks for you. Either way, Jazzman’s is the way to go.

  • Tree City Coffee & Pastry

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Tree City Coffee & Pastry via yelp.com

On Google Reviews, someone described Tree City Coffee & Pastry as a “chill cafe serving organic coffee and all-day breakfast sandwiches in a lofty, industrial space.” This description sums up exactly what Tree City Coffee & Pastry is. It is a relaxing environment with phenomenal drinks. (I highly recommend the Tree City Maple Latte. If a beverage could ever diminish your worries, it is the Tree City Maple Latte.) If you are in a hurry and do not get a chance to enjoy the ambiance of Tree City, that is OK. There is a drive-thru. Tree City is also a great shop because the coffee is directly traded from growers to consumers. There is nothing like drinking a great beverage for a good cause.

  • Scribbles Coffee Co.

Do you know what I miss the most about being a little kid? Not having cares or responsibilities or parking tickets. Do you know what else I miss? Coloring. Well, Scribbles Coffee Co. brings a nice mixture of adulthood and childhood into customers’ lives. While they do have amazing coffee, the activities and atmosphere of Scribbles makes the small coffee shop stand out. In the back room, students can study, read books and draw on blank sheets of paper with crayons. Scribbles also has poetry readings and art displays. If you are a college student who loves coffee, coziness and creativity, Scribbles Coffee Co. is the place for you.

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Bent Tree Coffee Roasters

I cannot lie to my readers. I have not completed the Kent Coffee Challenge. I have actually never been to Bent Tree Coffee. But a reviewer did say that Bent Tree is “the place where lesser coffee goes to worship.” I definitely have to check it out.

Burr readers, have you fulfilled the Kent Coffee Challenge? What is your favorite Kent coffee shop? Email me at lrosinsk@kent.edu to let me know.

Have a great day and a greater cup of coffee.

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