Kent Whispers: 13th Floor?

Words by Neville Hardman

Myth: The library has a 13th floor.

This whisper: False

Towering above other buildings, the University Library is one place anyone can look for to know exactly where to go if they’re lost on campus. While buttons on the elevator only give the option to go up 12 levels, some propose an idea of a 13th floor.

Upon going onto the top floor, the Special Collections and Archives department, visitors can expect to see items cased in glass in the hallway. This floor contains rare books and unique materials that can’t leave the floor, such as sound recordings and newspaper clippings in the May 4 Collections and papers from former Kent State president Carol Cartwright, for students and people in the Kent community to use.

There is a storage unit next to a locked door with a staircase behind it. The staircase actually goes to the roof, says Donna Cravers, a maintenance repair worker.

“It’s always locked, and you’re always on camera,” Craver says, gesturing to a black orb in the corner of an opposing wall.

Kate Medicus, a special collections cataloger who works on the top floor, says she’s never heard the rumor. The only myth she’s heard students say is there’s a ghost lurking

because it’s the top floor of the library and an old building, built in the late ’60s.

Medicus has never been on the roof before, although she’s caught the view of a bright blue sky when workers shuffled up and down the stairs to fix radio antennas and wanted to go up. Craver says there are also exhaust fans and intakes for fresh air on the roof.

“The parapet along the outer edge of the building is not very high,” Medicus says. “If you were up there and it was windy, it’d be pretty scary.”

Students, you can gather your friends and go on a hunt for the 13th floor if you wish, but unfortunately, you will only be greeted by a windy rooftop.

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