Words by Tyler Haughn

Myth: There is a ghost in Allyn Hall.

This whisper: True

Kent State is known for many different things, most notably the large amount of supernatural events that occur throughout the campus. Most universities have some element of the supernatural, but Kent State appears to have multiple hauntings located throughout the campus. One of these supposed hauntings originates in Allyn Hall.

There’s a myth that a little girl named Sarah roams through the residence halls looming corridors, tugging on bedsheets and asking people to play with her.

Samantha Gruning, who lives in Allyn Hall, has had a first-hand experience of this very phenomenon. Gruning and her roommate, Sara Connelly, have experienced everything from hearing a ghostly message said with a little girl’s voice, footsteps outside of their door, heavy breathing in the hallway and misplaced items in their room.

Gruning says they started noticing these strange things early last semester.

“We were both just getting ready to go to bed, and I turned off the light, and I heard this whisper, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I thought it was my roommate, but she said it wasn’t her,” Gruning says.

They also heard footsteps outside their door, but when they opened it, there was no one there. The two roommates kept hearing whispers coming from their room, but the worst was yet to come.

“One night, I heard someone say, ‘Help me,’ in a little girl’s voice. That really freaked me out, and I didn’t sleep for three days,” Gruning says.

She does not know why a little girl’s ghost would be haunting a college residence hall, but she heard that this same little girl may have died when Eastway was being built. This theory seems to be the most popular as to why a little girl’s ghost would be roaming a college. Either way you look at it, there must be some validity. USA Today mentioned the haunting in one their articles about haunted locations in Portage County.

“Many of the residence halls at Kent State University are attached to ghostly tales. In Allyn Hall and Clark Hall, which are connected to one another, a little girl can be heard saying ‘Goodnight,’ to people or asking them to play,” the USA Today article says.