With summer approaching, I found myself in need of some new summer clothes. Something that I have seen at almost every store I have been to is a kimono. They are everywhere. Kimonos are lightweight cover ups that are perfect for summer weather. The only problem is the cost. At Forever 21, kimonos range from $13.80 to $39.90. That was too much for me for a cheaply made kimono, but I really wanted one. So I decided I was going to make my own.

It was really hard finding a pattern to follow because everyone is built differently. I chose one, but then I slightly adjusted it for my body. The measurements below are basic guidelines. My friend and I both made a kimono and used the same measurements. She is a size 6 and M in shirts and I’m a size 11 and L in shirts. It fit both of us comfortably (because of the way the garment hangs), and it should fit a range of sizes.

The first thing I did was pick out my fabric. You need a light-weight, silky and flowy fabric. I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics. I spent $14.85 on 1 yard and 3/4. My fabric was on the more expensive side. Lindsay only spent $8.50 on her fabric. There were a lot of choices for cheaper prices and as it turns out I didn’t need that much fabric.

Here are the directions based on what I did.

    • Purchase 60” by 48” fabric.
    • Fold the fabric in half, hamburger style.
    • Start with the folded edge as the top and unfolded edge as the bottom.
    • Measure 10” down from the top on each side. This will be your arm hole. Place a pin there or use chalk so you won’t lose that spot.
    • From the 10” mark, measure 10” inward on each side.
    • Cut from the inward 10” all the way to the bottom of the fabric.
    • Sew each side together, all the way to the bottom of the material and knot thread at the end. (Don’t sew up your arm hole.)

Your kimono should look something like this:

Blue Crush

      • Measure the bottom of the kimono to find the middle of the bottom.
      • Follow that middle mark all the way up to the top to find the middle of the top.
      • At the top measure with a ruler, placing the unit 4” of the ruler on the middle mark you just made.
      • Place a mark at the beginning of the ruler and a mark at 7”.
      • Draw a diagonal line from the beginning of the ruler mark down to the bottom middle mark.
      • Repeat with the mark at 7”.
      • Making sure you only cut one layer, cut out the marks you just made.

It should look like this:

Blue Crush

      • Now you just need to fold in the edges and hem
      • And you’re done!
      • If you want you can add lace or fringe to the edges.

My kimono took me about 30 minutes to make. It was cheaper than most store bought kimonos, I was able to completely personalize the kimono, pick the fabric out and I had fun while making it. Visit byhandlondon and earnesthomeco to see the DIY kimono tutorials that helped me base mine off of.

Blue Crush