By Lauryn Rosinski

Kent State students and alumni have constantly battled over issues that, to other schools and individuals, may seem silly; however, to us, they are as important as the day the group therapy dogs come to visit.

Some of these battles include: Do we love black squirrels or the golden flash more?; Who do we want for FlashFest?; And is there ever really a reason to go to Rosie’s before 1:00 a.m.?

Although these are important discussions, no question gets Kent State students more heated than the following question: which is better, Mike’s Place or Ray’s Place?

First, we’ll break down the reasons that people love Ray’s and Mike’s. Then, we’ll find out which one people have voted as the better restaurant.

Are you ready? I am… kind of.

Ray’s Place

When you are walking to Ray’s, you might actually miss it. Hidden among other businesses, Ray’s is a place you have to look for and want to find. During your search, you might find yourself over by Fresco Mexican Grill & Salsa Bar and realize you aren’t even close, so the hunt starts all over again. But, finally, you see the words “Ray’s Place Est. 1937,” and you know you are about to go ham on some delicious food and drink.

There are three things that stand out at Ray’s Place, making it a Kent hot spot: 1) the food, 2) the drinks and 3) the memories.

We’ll start with the food. Ray’s does not have good bar food… it has amazing bar food. In fact, Iron Chef Michael Symon has raved about the Mo-Fo burger. While I have personally never tried this critically acclaimed burger, I have found myself craving the food I have had at Ray’s. What sticks out in my mind are the fries and the mac-n-cheese bites. Healthynot necessarily. Deliciousabsolutely.

Next on the list are the drinks at Ray’s. For those of you reading this who have not been able to experience drinking a cold beer at Ray’s after a long weekyou are missing out. Ray’s has consistently won awards for having the best beer selection in the area and has been ranked 13th on the Bar with the Best Beer Selection in the United States List. Needless to say, Ray’s has some great alcohol.

Lastly, we have the memories associated with Ray’s. My parents are alumni, and when I told them I would be attending Kent State, my mom kept talking about the fond memories she had at Ray’s. Other alumni from campus tours have told me the same thing. Also, many Kent students started their 21st birthday celebration by spinning the wheel. On any given night, you will see a large group of people at Ray’s, laughing and clinking glasses.

Ray’s is quality Kent.

Mike’s Place

Don’t worry, Mike’s Place fans. I’m getting to this uniquely wonderful eating establishment.

Mike’s is a bit farther away from Kent’s campus. Unlike its rival Ray’s, Mike’s is incredibly difficult to miss, despite its distance from the campus and downtown. Once you see the X-wing fighter outside the restaurant, you know you’re in for a great time.

Similar to Ray’s, Mike’s also has three reasons that it is loved by its fans: 1) the atmosphere, 2) the quantity and 3) the breakfast food.

Let’s start with the atmosphere. The inside of Mike’s is like nothing anyone has ever seen; unless, of course, you have been to Mike’s. When you first step inside, you see a plastic woman leaning on a boat. The waitress can take you into many different areas of the restaurant, from a room that is dedicated to the Hobbit to a room that honors Ireland. It is almost hard to hold a conversation at Mike’s because everyone’s attention is directed somewhere else in the huge restaurant that is full of excitement.

When you get the menu, it is surprising how many options are available. The menu is pages long, and the items are written in incredibly small print. I personally feel that this is genius. The more options you have, the happier your customers are. (By the way, my friend actually bought a menu from Mike’s, so if you are ever wondering what you want to get beforehand, I know a guy.)

And saving the best for last, there is the breakfast food. Ron Swanson loves it, and we do too. Mike’s, undoubtedly, has the best breakfast food on this planet. You don’t believe me? Go to Mike’s and order an omelet or chocolate chip pancakes or both. And if you are feeling daring, order pumpkin pancakes. But whatever you do, eat breakfast cuisine at Mike’s.

To sum it all up, Mike’s brings a whole new experience while you are dining, from the décor to the greasy plates of foodyou will not be disappointed.

We have discussed why Kent State students, alumni and fans love these food establishments. So which one received the most votes?

After conducting polls on both Facebook and Twitter, the winner by six votes is…

Ray’s Place!

Do you agree? Do you disagree? Comment below or email me to discuss this… civilly, please.