My Fall Bucket List + Fall Activity Ideas

Words by Marisa Santillo

There is no denying that fall is my favorite time of the year, and I have also noticed that it is a lot of people’s favorite season as well! There are certain things that are a must-do for me during fall every year, and hopefully, some of my ideas will get you into the fall spirit! 

1. Pumpkin patches

Pumpkin patches are my favorite way to celebrate fall! The apple cider, fun fall snacks, corn mazes and cute Instagram photo ops are the best! 

2. Haunted houses

There is no better way to celebrate spooky season than by going to a haunted house with your besties! 

3. Fall Starbucks drinks

I love the seasonal drinks at Starbucks! I always have to get them all at least once per season. My new favorite and go to right now is a hot salted caramel mocha. 

4. Buying new sweaters and boots

One of my favorite things about fall has always been the perfect sweater and booties weather! I also love updating my sweater collection a little bit every fall! My current favorite types of sweaters right now are the ones with the frayed and distressed ends.   

5. Halloween costumes

Halloween is such a fun time especially here at Kent! Having the perfect Halloween costume is always the best feeling. Remember to take cute pictures! 

6. Spending time in the leaves

On a beautiful fall day, one of my favorite things to do is sit in the leaves and work on my homework, relax or hang with my friends! Something about being outside with all of the fallen leaves is so peaceful. Blanket hill is the perfect spot for this right now! 

7. Baking

One of my favorite things to bake right now is the festive Pillsbury cutout cookies. Plus, they are super simple to bake even in a residence hall kitchen area! 

8. Carving pumpkins

 Carving pumpkins with my friends or family is always one of my favorite fall activities! I love getting to make a new design every year and being creative! Also, baked pumpkin seeds are a yummy snack! 

9. Football games

Football games can be a lot of fun! I always like to go to at least one every year! 

10. Fall festivals

I love fall festivals! I love getting to see the fun crafts, food and just getting to walk around! 

Hopefully, some of these activities will help you get in the fall spirit like I am!

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