Words by Hallie Saculla

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Kent State Recreational Services is offering four different instructional programs this semester to help students stay in shape while building life skills, and these programs aren’t your standard fitness classes.

The classes include Blue and Gold Boxing, Capoeira Conditioning, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Self Defense.

“A lot of students don’t realize we offer these classes. A lot of people think it’s going to be like a Group X fitness class. They don’t realize it’s teaching you skills that are going to stick with you for life,” Elizabeth Michel, recreational program officer, says. “They’re teaching you practical skills you can take with you and use no matter where you go.”

Michel says the programs were created to entice individuals to try something new while strengthening fitness and confidence levels. There are no prerequisites for the classes: Anyone with any level of fitness can register and have an enriched experience.

While students build their physical skills, they’re also learning about subjects they may have never gotten the chance to be educated on.

“With something like Capoeira, it’s not just the martial arts aspect; it’s very music and dance based, too. It teaches you about the history of different cultures, where the martial arts come from and why,” Michel says.

The Self Defense course in particular is giving individuals the opportunity to be assertive in their own physique and power.

“Especially on campus, students are out late at night downtown having fun. You never know what situation they’re going to get into, so it’s always good to have that knowledge on how to defend yourself, or how to keep yourself from getting in that kind of situation in the first place,” Michel says.

Prices for a semester of weekly classes start at $55 for students, raise to $65 for members of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center and cap off at $75 for non-members.

The deadline to register for programs is Feb. 12. To register and find more information on class times, visit the Recreational Services website.