The Secret Cupid of Kent

Nov 20, 2017

Words by Emily Schaffer

There’s no shortage of secret admirers on campus. KSU Crushes, a Twitter account that posts compliments about students sent in by classmates, has nearly 4,000 followers eager to see if their names pop up on its feed. By sliding into the DMs of the owner of @ksucrushes2, who wishes to remain anonymous, The Burr discovered inspirations behind the social media presence and plans for the account’s future.

Q: How do you keep all the information you receive secret?

A: Most people submit by, so I don’t even know who they are. Others DM the account, but I just assume they want to stay anonymous, so I delete the messages right after I tweet them.

Q: How do you decide which submissions to post?

A: I post about 90 percent of the crushes that get sent in. Previously, I have had people ask me to take certain ones down. Learning from that, I just judge what people would want out there for everyone to see. I don’t want anyone to get hurt from my account.

Q: Do people submit crushes about themselves to be posted?

A: Yes — they don’t even try to make it anonymous. They just DM me it so I can see that they’ve sent themselves.

Q: Has someone ever submitted crushes about you?

A: I think a couple of times, but I try to keep it balanced. If someone keeps sending in the same name 50 times a day, I will only tweet it once. I do it that way so everyone gets a chance to be tweeted about, and so no one feels targeted or violated.

Q: Has the university ever reached out to you about the account?

A: No, not yet. I try to keep it not affiliated with the actual university. As long as it’s not hurting the university, I don’t think it will be a problem.

Q: How many submissions do you get per day?

A: I would say maybe five to 10. It depends on the day; sometimes, I let it pile up because of class, work and my social life.

Q: Does anyone else know you run the account?

A: Barely anyone knows. It’s fun to keep it a secret. It would ruin the fun if people found out.

Q: Why did you create the account?

A: I actually got it handed down to me. I think it’s been up for five years and I’ve had it for two. I was super pumped to run a Gossip Girl-like account. I didn’t expect it to get this popular either.

Q: Will you hand off the account to someone else after you graduate?

A: Yes. I plan to make some type of contest on Twitter, so be on the lookout.

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