Sniffle Season

Sep 16, 2017

Words by Tia Myers-Rocker

The sniffles are back. We are three weeks into the fall semester, and students are already getting sick. If you’ve been a student on campus for a bit, then you already expected this to happen. I know I did.

Faculty, staff and students bring germs to campus when they first arrive. The exposure to those germs can cause people to get sick.

In a college environment it’s unavoidable.  What you can do is be more aware of the symptoms and plan ahead.

“Prevention is better than cure,” said Dutch humanist Desiderius Erasmus back in the Renaissance.

Exposure isn’t the only factor in getting sick, but there’s also lack of sleep. I’m not a stranger to late nights, but lack of sleep can wear down your resistance.

Over the summer I stayed up late watching Netflix. Eventually, I fell into the habit of staying up late. As school approached, I tolf myself to sleep earlier.

Yeah, right.

Let’s just say that I learned my lesson during the first week back.

Parties, studying, alcohol and even coffee are reasons some students stay up late. It’s still early in the semester, so students may not have had the chance to get into all the on-campus extracurricular activities.

Late night studying usually ends with all-nighters, which aren’t always a bad thing, but I would try to limit them as much as possible. Don’t make them a habit.

As the semester rolls along, your stress levels may rise. Stress can lower your resistance, as well. Things like time management and test preparation can trigger stress.  Over time, your body will lose its immunity to disease.

There are many ways to manage or handle stress. Find the way that works best for you. I’m sure most of you have taken a health class and learned the importance of cleanliness.

Washing your hands throughout the day can prevent a lot of germs from entering your body. Also, refrain from touching your mouth and your face if you can.

Personally, I don’t eat or drink after others; it’s saved me from getting sick, so I would advise that too.  I’ve been affected by sniffle before and eventually so will you.

Remember to keep yourself clean, drink healthy fluids, manage your stress and get good sleep.