By Daisha Overstreet

You’ve freaked out, studied and freaked out some more over this exam you have tomorrow. Your brain is filled to capacity with all the information you need to know, but you still don’t feel right. Need a solution? Test confidence. Instead of worrying all day and night about the grade you believe you’ll get, try building up your ego. Persuading yourself into believing everything is OK will go a long way. In my opinion, forcing myself to believe in a positive outcome helps me when taking tests or making presentations.

We have all experienced test anxiety, but too much of this is unhealthy and can affect your test-taking ability. Physical symptoms of test anxiety can include sweaty, shaking palms and a pounding heart. Too much anxiety can lead to a fear of failure and even mental blocking of simple concepts regarding the test.

Alleviating test anxiety through test confidence has helped me tremendously. Test confidence enhances my self-esteem by making me rely on what I know or have learned instead of forcing new information in a short span of time.

There are several ways to alleviate the stress and anxiety mentioned here at the University of Alabama’s Center for Student Success, but building up test confidence is my favorite method to use. For me, what helps most is reassurance and hype hard-hitting soundtrack. I prepare for a test like the star athlete would prepare for a rival game.

Imagine yourself getting pumped and ready for a big rival game. In this case, this accounting exam, for instance, is your rival. As you’d enter the field with tunnel vision of winning, you do the same as you’d enter your classroom. You got this. No one can or will stand in your way. With a stern look on your face, and Jock Jams Volume 3 blasting in your ears you are now ready to destroy this test.

Quick side note: I heard the phrase Jock Jams Volume 3 mentioned on a Guy Code episode and I did not know it was real until just now. Very interesting track list I must say…

My preferred choice is anything by the Beastie Boys (random, I know). Their message is not necessarily positive, but the energetic beats and their unique voices make up for it. Instead of worrying and stressing, I reassure myself of success (or getting a good grade). I listen to their album, “Licensed to Ill,” from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep. Their style of music hypes me up and keeps me mentally energized for the day ahead. Another thing that helps me boost my test confidence is my attire. I’m not dressed to impress any of my classmates but when I look good, I feel good and that’s all what confidence is about. Tunnel vision of the test while I’m walking to class keeps me focused on the prize.

I believe we as college students will always have to deal with test anxiety simply because we want to get a good grade. However, using test confidence definitely helps alleviate it. For instance, I waited until the day before to study for my Intro to Mass Communication and General Psychology finals. Trying to process this information while hanging out with my friends was not easy, but I managed. Though I felt uneasy that night, I told myself not to stress because I knew I would freeze up during the test and forget everything I studied. Instead, that morning I woke up, coached myself, put on a sporty chic outfit and accessorized, turned on “The New Style” by the Beastie Boys and marched to my classroom. I aced my Intro to Mass Communication test and, well, BS’ed my General Psychology test.

Anyway, at the end, you finish your test, rise majestically from your seat and walk to the professor with the utmost pride. Hand the professor your finished test like you would drop the mic after spitting the sickest rhyme to your opponent in a rap battle. Exit the building while sending a Snapchat to your friends stating that you completely demolishing that exam, and then resume listening to Jock Jams Vol. 3 for the remainder of the day.