Words and photos by Hailee Carlin

Wednesday night’s Spring Break Bingo brought students together to play rounds of bingo before break starts.

The event, sponsored by Kent Student Center programming, kicked off at 8 p.m.

“[Spring Break Bingo] is an annual event. We also have Back to School Bingo at the beginning of the year,” says Tommy Fisher, a sophomore zoology major and the event planner.

Participants went through 12 rounds of bingo with various prize levels. In rounds one through three, students achieved a bingo diagonally, vertical, or horizontal. Four through six, students needed to get a stamp, meaning cover four squares in any corner. Seven through nine was the border of the bingo card, and 10 through 12 was won by covering the entire board.

“For the prizes I asked around to see what the students wanted and scavenged the bookstore,” Fisher says.

For each three rounds of bingo, the prize levels increased. Some prizes offered included a lawn chair, book bag, blanket and a Bluetooth speaker. The grand prize was a $500 gift card to the bookstore.

“I really wanted to win the speaker,” says, Feryaal Imran, a sophomore biology pre-med major.

Imran went to the event after getting a Flashperks email.

“At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. It was confusing because I didn’t know there were so many rules to bingo,” Imran says. “But once I got the hang of it, I had a lot of fun and got competitive.”

Imran says that the bingo sessions are something she would come to again.

The next bingo session is at the beginning of the next school year, so stay tuned to the Flashperks calendar for more information.

Haliee Carlin is the student life reporter for The Burr.