By Daisha Overstreet

Adjusting to the diet on campus can be quite difficult. If you have a meal plan, there’s a sense of unlimited food, and you splurge even when you’re not hungry. Back home, foods options were limited since you had to use your own money. And in this case, gaining weight was not an issue for me because I didn’t have the luxury of going to Rosie’s at 2 a.m. and ordering a double cheeseburger. So, hearing about the “Freshman 15,” my friends and I all decided we weren’t going to fall victim. Having best friends who were practically star athletes back in their hometowns, I knew they had the dedication to persuade me into exercising. They were all highly disciplined in the realm of fitness. As for me, I worked in a retail store and on boatloads of homework throughout high school; and I was never the type to break a sweat or have any desire to do so. In other words, I wasn’t really that enthused when time came to work out.

Anyways the girls convinced me to head to the gym with them to workout. My heart dropped when my friend told us she received a workout plan from a relative who trains to run in marathons. I’ve never ran a mile in under 10 minutes, but I decided to fit in and attempt to exercise with the ladies. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

The warm-up started with a 2-mile jog (it may not seem much to you, but I wanted to plan my funeral right after). Feeling like my heart was going to beat itself out of my chest, I declared my resignation from the workout, but they simply ignored my statement and dragged me toward the workout machines. Now, I’m not well informed on exactly what the names of these exercises are called, but I know that I never want to do them again. We did millions (at least it felt like it) of reps of each exercise. After and during each rep, I proclaimed my withdrawal from the program, but yet again they refused to take me seriously. We toured through the entire recreational center for almost three hours straight. All 14 of my formal notices of retirement from the exercise life were laughed at and dismissed. They couldn’t fathom that someone had no determination or motivation when it came to fitness. But, by the end of the session, we all smelled horrible and walked back to our dorms with locked knees because we were so sore.

Now, every so often, I try new weight loss methods with my friends. For instance, we try new diet tactics and in-room exercises. I saw the best results when my friends and I went on a smoothie diet for about three weeks. We substituted one or two meals with either the Naked brand juice smoothies or the Fuel smoothies from the gym. Currently, we are still in the process of committing to the Insanity workout plan I brought from home, but that takes true dedication. So, since I don’t like working out, I try to portion my meals, watch what I eat, and try not to over-eat because there is food present. A lot of the time I find that I pray and hope that whatever I eat won’t make me gain weight.

For those who lack the desire to exercise, I suggest:

  • Structure or research a diet that is compatible with on-campus foods (it is possible).
  • Don’t eat late.
  • Avoid boredom hunger!!
  • Visit the gym every now and then, just to see if you can convince yourself to be consistent.
  • Find simple exercises you can do in your room.