Illustration by Thomas Haase

The rogue Jacobite of the Scottish Highlands in the late 17th century.

Working under the king of Scotland, this Jacobite realized the monarchy is corrupt and that he is more than a puppet in the King’s game of war. Breaking off from the group, the Jacobite crafted an axe fit for a God, yet was light as feather. He took to fending off the Scottish army whilst in disguise. It didn’t take long for the army to realize his ploy, and soon, the Jacobite found himself trapped in the barracks. Slash after slash of heavy metal swords came down on him, and he began to bleed profusely. The pain sparked rage, and the Jacobite, with his adrenaline pumping, swung his mighty weapon, leaving many army men slain in its wake. He took the opportunity to run as far away from the barracks as he could. Now he waits among the highlands for his next chance to destroy the army he once fought for.