The Struggle of Getting Fit

Feb 16, 2018

Words by Alexa Marco

“This year, I am going to eat super healthy and workout every single day!”




This is a statement I have said every single year, and each year I fail. I know I’m not the only one to attempt to make this commitment on New Year’s Day, but I definitely know that a lot of people follow through with their goal, and I find that amazing. I truly wish that I could be one of these people who become health freaks and live the rest of their lives fit and healthy. Instead, I’m over here watching episodes of “The Office” while eating every flavor of Doritos known to man.

When I was little, I was the tall, lanky girl. At my dance recitals, my legs looked a million miles long and in class photos, I was always stuck in the back as I towered over all the boys. As I was growing up, I began to realize I was no longer the tall, lanky girl. I was an average size, which was completely fine with me. I relied on cheerleading and dancing everyday throughout the week to keep me in shape, and it worked. I would always look at myself and think, “Hmm, Lexi, you could probably lose some weight. You aren’t as skinny as most other girls.”

Looking back, I realize that I was never overweight in high school, but I looked at myself as someone who was so much bigger than everyone else. I for sure believed in the “Freshman 15,” but I think my 15 did not add up until after freshman year. Now, as I am 15 pounds heavier than I was in high school, I have come to the conclusion that now is the time for me to actually follow through with my goal. The other day, I was complaining to my boyfriend about how much weight I need to lose and his response was a little unexpected. Usually I ramble on and he just rolls his eyes, but this time he had something to say.

He told me, “Lexi, you are perfect the way you are. You don’t need to lose anything. But if you want to make a change, then do it. Quit talking about it and do it.”

Well, at first this made me a little salty. Was he calling me out on being out of shape? Absolutely not. His words ended up motivating me. I realized that I actually am all talk. If I wasn’t happy with the way I am, then I had to actually make some real changes.

Thinking about the changes I would have to make truly made me want to cry. For anyone who knows me, you would know I love chips. And cookies. And ice cream. Okay, I love all food. I am an avid snacker. Who can blame me? But it is definitely time to make some changes to my diet. However, I haven’t decided to cut out snacks entirely. My plan is to have some sort of “cheat” day where I can go back to my old ways and snack on chips here and there and maybe indulge in some dessert. Other people say that you need to workout constantly and only eat vegetables in order to get to the ideal body; but yeah, that’s not really for me. Realistically, I will not be able to become a workout maniac nor will I magically love the taste of carrots. But I plan on having set days to work out and to know my limits.

I believe that everyone is different. We all have body shapes that suit us and which we feel comfortable in. Everyone has a different workout pattern and eating schedule which works for them. And it is crazy to tell a person they need to be a stick figure in order to look good in society. The point of me trying to get in shape is not to please others; it is to please myself. It’s to live a lifestyle that makes me happy and keeps me healthy.

I will keep you all updated on how I am feeling and the changes in my body throughout my attempt at shedding a few pounds. This definitely will not be a short journey nor an easy one, but I am making myself happy, and I think that is all that matters.