Words by Rachel Campbell

Amanda Bynes has snagged a starring role as the latest victim of gossip magazines and websites. She has joined the ranks of celebrities who have supposedly lost their minds. Whether it’s a publicity stunt or a true meltdown is up for you to decide, but here is a list of some of the most memorable ones of late.

1.) Amanda Bynes

Bynes caught the attention of tabloids when she posted a photo via her Twitter account that was more Nicki Minaj than Nickelodeon. She has continued to use the micro-blogging site to spark all kinds of controversy. Things such as her odd fascination with Drake and an even odder one with herself led to threatening to sue Us Weekly and Perez Hilton for supposed false reporting.

2.) Justin Bieber

Your average 19-year-old smokes pot, lets friends throw an outrageous party at your mansion while you’re out of town, wears a gas mask in public and tries to smuggle a monkey into the country, right? Oh wait, that’s just Justin Bieber. The popstar has had quite an interesting 2013 so far, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. I mean, he’s basically Jay-Z…if he were on the road to becoming the next Lohan.

3.) Lindsay Lohan

It is nearly impossible to address all of the things that Lohan has done to be considered a prime example of a freak out. It began in the 2005 when the actress was involved in a personal-injury suit following an accident that was supposedly her fault. Two years later, Lohan entered rehab for the first time, which did little to no good when she was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and cocaine was found at the scene. A million DUI and general substance-related arrests landed her in and out of courtrooms, rehab and jail cells. Most recently, she has been avoiding returning to the states to begin a 90-day rehabilitation program.

4.) Charlie Sheen

Do you really need to be reminded why this actor made the cut? Oh, you do? Clearly you’re not “winning” then.

5.) Chris Brown

The R&B singer was most certainly not impressed with Sheen’s outbursts or the questioning of his legal issues as a result of his relationship with Rihanna. Robin Roberts brought the latter up on Good Morning America, and inadvertently forced Brown out of the room in a rage that led to tossing a chair through a window.