Words by Mansi Patel

Welcome to Cultural Canvas!

Hello, everyone! This being my first blog I would like to give you guys my short introduction to get started. I am a sophomore, majoring in fashion merchandising and minoring in marketing. I like to listen to music and sketch in my free time as they are my stress relievers. I want to explore different art forms and cultures as that is what inspires me for everything I do.

I have always been fond of writing but never got the confidence to start something of my own. Blogging for The Burr is one of the opportunities for me to gain more out of this experience.  This is the platform for sharing my thoughts with everyone who wants to revive their creativity of life. It is difficult to find that little peaceful space between your studies and work. Some days and weeks will just pass by and you will not even realize it. In this busy lifestyle it is important to appreciate the beauty surrounding you. This is the aim of my blog and it will cover various topics related to art and culture.

So here are the obvious questions, what is ART and what is CULTURE?

Art and culture are the two universal elements present around us at every point of our life. Interesting, but how often do we notice that?

We can also simply describe art as the creativity in life and culture as the way of living our life.

Seems simple, right? Nah!

It is not hard to understand it’s meaning, but it is impressive to see how often we don’t even realize its presence. From listening to your favorite song to reading a novel, dancing on a popular tune to studying in an artistic architecture building and so on.

We are always surrounded by some type of ART form. Culture is a part of almost everything we do. From choosing the clothes to wear to cooking authentic cultural dishes, and celebrating different festivals or heritage sites, we are proud of our culture.

Sounds like your normal life routine, doesn’t it?

Yeah! It is our normal life and it is full of creativity if we look at it with that perspective.

So, this was just to give a brief start to my blog and introduce myself and my blog idea. I hope that my thoughts will make you feel more ARTISTIC and CULTURAL in your own way.