What not to wear to class — or ever!

Words by Cassie Neiden

For those who need just a bit of style advice or are just in for a good laugh

First off, let’s start by saying that everyone has his or her own style. If you love the outfit, wear it and rock it! However, there are a lot of Fashion Don’ts that we all see on campus every day, and they’re pretty shameful, so it’s probably best to just avoid them.
Shelby McMillin, Lauren Mullin and Kaitlyn Krull, senior fashion merchandising majors, have provided the major no-no’s of what not to wear when you’re dressing for class or going out.

We’d give you Fashion Do’s, but honestly, if your clothing item or accessory isn’t on this list, you’re doing just fine.

Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

Shelby’s don’ts

1. Wearing athletic clothing when you have no intention of working out

2. Denim maxi skirts

3. “Men marry a size.” Buy pants that fit!

4. Vera Bradley bags are not an everyday statement piece

5. Open-back shirts with a regular bra. Easy fix: Wear a bandeau!

Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

Lauren’s don’ts

1. Crop tops for men

2. Labels everywhere (we know they’re fake)

3. UGG boots and shorts. They make you look like you’re just trying too hard.

4. Flip-flops with a really nice outfit

5. “Club dresses” to class

Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

Kaitlyn’s don’ts

1. Lanyards around your neck- Just NO!

2. Fake hipster glasses

3. Wearing heels you can’t walk in

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