What’s Price Got to Do with It?

In the makeup world, the big thing right now is lips. Makeup gurus have been focusing less on the eyes and actively playing up the lips. With that being said, the more dramatic the better!

Long-lasting lip colors are especially popular with their claims of endurance through hours of daily activities. You can work, eat, drink and play, and the color will remain! Most brands have developed their own versions of long-lasting lip wear ranging from all different prices and colors. This can make choosing difficult.

While the color choice depends on personal preference or skin tone, price does not. So how do you know whether to choose from a drugstore brand or a more luxurious brand? Obviously you should choose the luxurious brand, because high price means better quality, right? Well, not necessarily.

I compared the lasting effects and durability of two similar lip products, Lime Crime’s Velvetines and Rimmel London’s Provocalips. Both products are comparable—claiming long-lasting lip color. The products are both applied via tube and applicator. They go on liquid and then they dry matte.

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Photo by Lexy Cummins.

Lime Crime’s Velvetines comes in 10 different shades and can be bought from its website for $20 per tube. The product is a matte color stating it is “touch-proof, transfer-proof and long wearing.”

Rimmel representatives state that Provocalips lasts up to 16 hours of wear and comes in 10 different shades. While the Provocalips formula dries matte, the other end of the tube houses another applicator that adds shine. The product can be purchased for about $7 at any discount department store or drugstore, such as Walmart or CVS.

To further test the comparability, I conducted an experiment. I applied the Provocalips’ shade Make Your Move, and Cali Sullivan, my roommate and makeup enthusiast, wore the Velvetine’s shade Red Velvet. To see how long the products would last after the initial application we did not touch up our lips throughout the rest of the day. An hour and a half later we both ate. Afterward, Rimmel’s Provocalips looked as it had when it was first applied. The Lime Crime’s Velvetines, however, had already been mostly removed. I wore the Provocalips six hours after the initial application before removing it. At the six hour mark, the Provocalips was still clearly visible and did not noticeably need a touch-up, although it probably could have used one.

In this specific instance, the $7 Provocalips had better quality over the $20 Velvetine. While not all drugstore makeup can surpass or even compare to the more luxurious brands, some can. To help you out with your decision sign up for samples, research and check out online reviews before you buy it and maybe even conduct an experiment yourself. That way, you’ll know your money spent is well worth it.

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