Words by Lauryn Rosinski

Who doesn’t love breakfast? This is a serious question. Who doesn’t love it? Ron Swanson from “Parks and Recreation” loves breakfast food, and Swanson is not a fan of many people or things. I honestly feel that breakfast food keeps people together, especially when not consumed at breakfast time. Breakfast food for dinner, to quote John Mulaney, is the “height of luxury.”

  1. I am focusing way too much on this breakfast thing. Moving on.

Even if you are not as passionate about breakfast as I am, I know college students are fans of inexpensive food. I have seen how Kent State students react when they pass by the free samples at Auntie Anne’s: like they just received a Flash ALERT that says the main campus has been closed for a snow day.

Just a recap: College students love cheap and good food. But where and when can college students find such a rarity?

Ladies and gentlemen, I have the solution for you: Buck Buck Brinner Wednesday at the Wild Goats Cafe.

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Photo Courtesy of Wild Goats Cafe.

You’re probably wondering, “What is this Buck Buck Brinner?” Well, every Wednesday night at the Wild Goats Cafe in downtown Kent, customers are able to purchase 8 breakfast items for the cheap price of $1 per item.

This is not a drill. You can purchase eggs for a dollar. You can purchase a pancake for a dollar. You can purchase two slices of toast for a dollar. As long as you dine in, you really can eat as much as you want for a low price.

Some may feel that this breakfast food might not taste as good because it is so inexpensivethese people would be wrong. Personally, I feel Wild Goats Cafe pancakes are the best pancakes I have eaten in my life. They’re covered in powdered sugar and take you to your happy place. I also love the eggs and toast.

I can promise you this: Inexpensive food does not mean “cheap” food. The Wild Goats Cafe proves that.

If none of this inspires you to run to the Wild Goats Cafe Wednesday nights, a challenge may. That is right. If you purchase and eat the most breakfast food anyone has ever eaten during Buck Buck Brinner in one sitting, you can become the Buck Buck Brinner Champion. This championship comes with more than a title. If you win, you will receive free brinner every Wednesday for a yearunless you are dethroned before then.

There can only be one champion, and it could be you.

If you do not want to spend tons of money to try and become the Buck Buck Brinner Champion, that is OK. I have gone to Buck Buck Brinner with friends, and there is no better experience than laughing and eating eggs, toast and pancakes for $3.

Buck Buck Brinner is not just a great place for Swanson and me. It is a great place for all Kent State students. So go get your brinner on!