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“Procrastination” Intro


“Procrastination” Intro



Let me guess. You don’t want to do your homework right now, so you’re trying to find a wicked, fun blog to entertain yourself. Me too! Well, kind of. If there’s one thing that you and I most definitely have in common, it undeniably is our prestigious ability to procrastinate. 

“Procrastination breeds innovation,” said no one ever. However, my overarching objective with this blog is to prove just how true that quote could possibly be. Personally speaking, I constantly find myself wandering astray pursuing any path except my school work. I don’t know about you, but I always seem to ask elaborate questions, ponder in-depth philosophical concepts, investigate the mentally unknown, explore new areas of interest and experience the most fulfilling adventures when I’m attempting to avoid the monotony of homework. 

For this semester, my goal consists of transforming this blog into a personal journal that illustrates just how productive an individual can be while resisting productivity. To do this, I plan on documenting specific times throughout the week in which I had no motivation to complete my homework but instead pursued something entirely different. This could range from physically doing an interesting activity to just exploring random facts on the internet. Either way, I anticipate enlightening myself and my audience through the continuous process.

By exemplifying my procrastination experience, I also hope to raise the question of whether or not there is something more about procrastination that we take for granted. Does procrastination just define our negative traits of being unproductive, or does it shed some light on the unforeseen aspects of our imagination waiting to take shape?

Although this blog may come off a little random at times, I hope you enjoy its content. Similarly, by embracing my procrastination, my desire is to help you feel a little less ashamed of your procrastination habits. 

Here’s a little sneak peek into how I plan on organizing this blog:

With this past week being particularly slow and dreadful, I came to the realization that I need more art in my life. You see, I need to discover various methods to express my feelings and emotions more often in a way that promotes internal beauty. Since I can barely hold a paintbrush and I’m not exactly musically gifted, I decided I could achieve this through my words. Consequently, I decided to make myself a goal that whenever I have absolutely no interest in reading about research methods or economic development, I would use my time and energy to write poetry. 

Since I procrastinate frequently, I found myself writing a poem almost daily, and I must admit that it felt rejuvenating to get my thoughts onto paper in a way that was simple but meaningful. Not only did I feel artistic, but I also felt more clear-minded and open to getting school work done. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who just has too much in their head but not enough to say. Here is just one untitled poem that I wrote this past week.

To whom it may concern,

I am officially offering a request.

Nor from joy,

 Nor from spite, 

I require answers out of curiosity 

One’s just right.

Nothing less, 

nothing more

Do not deny me 

Tis not a chore.

For tyrannical powers

May dictate and prescribe,

But I have no ordinance

To which abide.

Free as a bird,

Yet as caged as a pet.

Am I striving for peace,

Or simply a stray cigarette.

Anything will do,

I suppose.

I’m none more than a simple man.

Taken out of context,

I reflect no more than a mere pan.

Lost? Maybe.

Confused? Certainly. 

Curse this venerated world

For all its sins.

I wish to only be unfurled

And gone with the wind.

Of course, I know the meaning of this poem, but for your reading pleasure, I want to leave it as an open interpretation. Seriously, next time you don’t feel like doing homework, embrace your artistic side. You may just surprise yourself.

Thanks for reading, and hey, let’s procrastinate again sometime!


Hi, I’m Holly Liptak, a senior journalism student from Akron and the editor-in-chief of The Burr this semester. My staff and I are committed to bringing you interesting, humorous and hard-hitting stories that tap into current events, trends and the lives of those who have made a home in Kent, Ohio. We are full-time students and hard-working journalists. While we get support from the student media fee and earned revenue such as advertising, both of those continue to decline. Your generous gift of any amount will help enhance our student experience as we grow into working professionals. Please go here to donate.

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