The Burr Magazine is Kent State University’s first student-produced magazine made for the campus, city and anyone seeking strong journalistic storytelling. The Burr strives to provide readers with interesting, humorous and hard-hitting stories that tap into current events, trends and the lives of those who have made a home in Kent. Providing award-winning student journalism since 1986.

Editorial Board 

Kelly Powell


Kelly Powell is a senior magazine journalism major who has a thing for The Burr. This is her seventh semester with the publication, and she is happy to be the editor-in-chief for the final one! If you ask her what she’s doing at any given moment, you’ll get one of three answers: in a coffee shop, in Franklin Hall or at Eric Asp’s house. She is involved with H2O Church and University Communications and Marketing, but she is also involved with Instagram, so feel free to follow her for lengthy captions and pictures of people’s silhouettes, mostly.

Twitter @kellpoww | Instagram kellannpow 

Molly Spillman

Managing Editor

Molly Spillman is a junior public relations major from Middletown, Maryland and is thrilled to be spending her sixth semester with The Burr as managing editor. Previously, she was a senior editor in the fall and the web editor for four semesters. Molly has a passion for politics, social media, the entire state of Maryland and Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. Upon graduation, which is creeping up faster than she’d like, Molly wants to head back to the east coast and work in the communications or PR field advocating for issues she cares about. 

Twitter @mospilly | Instagram mospilly

Megan Ayscye

Senior Editor

Megan Ayscue, one of the senior editors for spring 2018, is a junior majoring in journalism and minoring in business. When she isn’t in class, writing or editing, Megan spends her time taking care of her plants and her new kitten. She also loves to cook and bake and is always trying new recipes and techniques. On the average weekend she is paid to lock people into rooms, then goes home to watch TV or movies.

Twitter @megan_ayscue | Instagram meganayscue

Cameron Gorman 

Senior Editor

Cameron Gorman is an avid writer and journalist. She has worked for The Burr as both a writer and a senior editor, and also works as an assigning editor for The Stater. When she can, she enjoys writing prose and poetry, which she has had published on and off campus, and listening to many, many, many podcasts.

Twitter @mcamgorm | Instagram camcgorman

Julie Riedel 

Web Editor

Julie Riedel is a senior magazine journalism major with a double minor in business and fashion media. She is the web editor and is excited to be apart of the Burr family after spending two years writing for A magazine. Julie is a yoga instructor at the KSU Rec Center and is the President of KSU’s Ed2010 chapter. In her free time she likes to read magazines, run, and drink coffee.  


Cameron Hoover 

Copy Desk Chief 

Cameron Hoover is a junior journalism major with a minor in sports administration who is serving as the copy desk chief of The Burr. This is his second semester with the Burr, serving as a writer last semester. He also works as the sports editor for KentWired, and he has been a general assignment reporter and copy editor there in previous semesters. He also works in the sports department at the Akron Beacon-Journal. He averaged 0.7 points per game off the bench in high school, and he once ate 37 thai-r-cracker boneless wings from Quaker Steak and Lube in one sitting, breaking a centuries-old world record. You can contact him via email at

Twitter @TheHooovManeuv | Instagram cameronhoover1

Megan Enderle

Art Director

Megan Enderle is a senior, majoring in visual communications design and minoring in marketing. This is her third semester working on The Burr. Her dream is to land a job as an in-house designer for a company in the Cleveland area. In her free time, she enjoys going on adventures with her friends, being with family, hammocking, and drinking coffee. Megan loves to travel and on the top of her “travel wish list” is Switzerland. But without a doubt, her favorite place to be is at her family’s cottage along Lake Erie.

 Instagram meganenderle

Madeleine Kidd 

Assistant Art Director

Madeleine Kidd is a junior Visual Communication Design student at Kent State University. She works for the Center for Teaching and Learning as a Student Associate Technician and this is her third semester working with The Burr. Madeleine grew up in a little town just south of Cleveland and her dream is to leave Ohio and head straight to New York City after graduation. In the design world she hopes to work at a design firm focusing in print media. When Madeleine is not glued to her computer screen, you can usually find her at Scribbles coffee shop or hanging with her friends and family.

Twitter @madeleine_kidd | Instagram madeleine_kidd

Jana Life  

Photo Editor

Jana Life is the photography editor for The Burr. She will graduate in the spring with a degree in Communication studies and a double minor in Photojournalism and Marketing. On the weekends, you can find her hiking through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park or drinking a London Fog at Tree City. Jana hopes to find a job someday where she can combine her love for photography, children, and the outdoors. She is also involved in H20 church on campus. Jana would be totally stoked to get a follow from you on Instagram, but you can also contact her at

Instagram thejanalife

Abby Hickey 

Promotions Director

Abby Hickey is a freshman Public Relations major in her first semester as promotions Director for The Burr. She aspires to work promotions or public relations in the entertainment industry but would ultimately love to make a life and living of writing. She spends her free time adventuring with friends, reading, writing, exploring new music and old movies and planning her next roadtrip. No doubt, however, her favorite place to be is The Queen City, her hometown, Cincinnati.    

Twitter @abbynh11 | Instagram abbynh11

Kayla Proctor 

Promotions Manager 

Kayla is super excited to be working on her second semester with The Burr! She is from Colorado and is currently a public relations major and sport administration minor. She is also on the Kent State University Dance Team and works as a tour guide where she loves sharing her passion for her school with other students. In her free time, Kayla likes to read, go hiking, and ski. Kayla hopes to work for collegiate level football doing sports relations and productions.

Twitter @kaylaraec13 | Instagram kaylaraec13

Editorial Team 

Collin Cunningham 


Collin Cunningham is a junior at Kent State University, and this is his fifth semester working as a writer for the Burr. In his free time he likes to invent wild stories that definitely didn’t happen for the amusement of him and his friends, and also watch anime like he was the trash prince of garbage mountain. Contact him by email at or follow him on social media if you want to see more of what he has to offer.

Twitter @cunningcollin | Instagram Cunningcollin

Shelbie Goulding 


Shelbie Goulding is a junior journalism major with a concentration in fashion media. This is her second semester writing for The Burr. She also works as the senior editor for Her Campus – Kent State. Her dream job is to be a travel writer for a major publication. She is a busy bee that has a coffee in her hand 80 percent of the time. She can be found either studying at the library or wandering to new coffee shops to fulfill her caffeine obsession.

Instagram shelbs_goulding

Alex Kamczyc 


Born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, Alex Kamczyc (pronounced Kam-Check) is a senior journalism major that serves as both a columnist and writer for The Burr Magazine. He also serves as an enterprise reporter for The Kent Stater. After graduation, he plans to get a job working for either the New York Times/Washington Post, GQ/Esquire or Rolling Stone Magazine covering politics and culture. In his spare time, he likes reading, writing, watching movies and long walks on the beach.


Amanda Levine 


Amanda Levine is a sophomore journalism major with a minor in sports administration from Brooklyn, New York. Her dream job is to be a sports journalist for ESPN. This is Amanda’s second semester writing for The Burr. In addition for writing for The Burr, she also is a writer for Her Campus Kent State. In her free time you can find her watching the Mets game and drinking gross amounts of coffee. To contact her, follow her on social media or by email

Twitter @amanda_levine1 | Instagram amanda___hope

Alexa Marco 


ALexa Marco, who goes by Lexi, is a sophomore at Kent State and originally from Youngstown, Ohio. Lexi is a blogger for The Burr this semester and is so excited to continue her writing. She is a public relations major with a marketing minor. In her free time, Lexi loves to play with her dogs and hangout with friends. One of Lexi’s favorite things is coffee and watching shows on Netflix. You can most likely find Lexi at local coffee shops like Scribbles or at her apartment in Kent.

 Instagram mexilarco

Ben Orner


Ben Orner is a senior journalism major serving as a Writer for The Burr Magazine in Spring 2018. He specializes in public affairs, education and sports, as well as anything investigative. He also does enterprise and investigative reporting at KentWired and the Ohio bureau of the Public News Service. The Pennsylvania native has held internships at TV stations in Harrisburg, Pa. and Austin, Texas. You can contact him via email at and follow him on Twitter.

Twitter ben_orner

Henry Palattella


Henry Palattella is a junior at Kent State University majoring in journalism and minoring in Sociology. He is from the snow-covered hell that is Erie, PA, and this is his second semester writing for the Burr. He is also an assigning editor for The Kent Stater and works in the sports department at the Akron Beacon Journal. When he’s not hunched over his computer trying to write the next great american sports story, he can be found sitting in his living room, headset on, yelling at Call of Duty. He has a 1.04 K/D, and if you ask, he’ll be more than welcome to tell you about it. He can be contacted at, and can also be reached on twitter, where he’s most likely sending out a negative tweet about Jimmy John’s.

Twitter @Hellapalattella | Instagram hellapalattella

Chelsea Panin

Copy Editor

Chelsea Panin is a copy editor for The Burr. She is a senior majoring in english and double minoring in marketing and writing. This is her third semester copy editing for The Burr. She has a big, orange, fluffy cat named Stella. Chelsea is originally from Pennsylvania, but loves to travel all over the world. Her hopes are to one day work in publishing. You can follow her journey on social media.

Twitter @chelc_7 | Instagram chelc7

Taylor Robinson


Taylor Robinson is an aspiring writer and journalist. This is her first year writing for The Burr. She is also an assigning editor for The Kent Stater and the editor-in-chief of the Kent State Odyssey community. Taylor is also a sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma and in her free time she loves to read or binge-watch Netflix.

Twitter @taylorrrobinson | Instagram taylorrrobinson

Valerie Royzman


Valerie is a sophomore journalism major from Toledo, Ohio, and serves as a writer for The Burr Magazine at Kent State. She is involved with the Kent Stater and KentWired as an administration and enterprise reporter this semester, but previously worked as copy desk chief. Valerie began working as a reporter on immigration and vulnerable communities for Ohio News Connection this year, a subject she connects with because of her Ukrainian heritage. Aside from journalism, Valerie writes poetry in her free time, and her work has been published with the Ohio Poetry Association. She is pursuing an internship with the Wick Poetry Center, and works there as a teaching artist, where she leads poetry workshops with immigrants and refugees at the International Institute of Akron. In the coming years, Valerie plans to travel wherever the wind blows, as long as beautiful words and stories accompany her along the way. Contact her via email at or social media.

Twitter @valerieroyzman | Instagram valerieroyzman

Alec Slovenec


Alec Slovenec is a senior multimedia journalism major and will be graduating this spring. This is his first semester writing for the Burr, but better late than never! He is excited to contribute to student media once again. Previously, Alec wrote for the Cleveland Jewish News during his fall internship, and reported for the Kent Stater last spring. When he’s not writing or working, Alec enjoys video games, seeing friends, and spending a disgusting amount of time on Youtube. He’s still trying to figure out exactly what he wants to do after school, but it will hopefully involve travelling. You can follow Alec on Twitter.

Twitter @Realtimeglover

Ashlynn Thompson 


Ashlynn Thompson is a sophomore with a major in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in French in Kent State’s Honors College. She has a passion for the performing arts and has acted for years. In 2016, she directed the play “The Matchmaker” and also plotted the lighting, scenic and costume design. In addition to writing performing arts reviews for The Burr, Thompson holds the position of Secretary for the Fashion Student Organization, serves as a stylist for A Magazine and is a member of the Honors Student Advisory Board and many other organizations. Thompson looks forward to bringing her critical eye to the Kent State performing arts scene.   

Twitter @shlynnthompson| Instagram shlynnthompson

Creative Team 

Sam Gibson


Since starting her journey here at Kent state, Sam has grown into a creative and hardworking Individual. She is a senior at Kent and excited to be a designer for the Burr! Experiences ranging from internships to volunteering have improved her work immensely. Work and school takes up a good portion of her time but she can always find time for fashion. All of her friends say I have more shoes than any one person needs. She would disagree. Being a true boss that is what Sam is all about.


Sydney Geller


Sydney Geller is a third year Visual Communication Design student at Kent State with a minor in marketing. She is from Louisville, Kentucky and is working as a designer for The Burr for a second semester. In her free time she enjoys drinking an unhealthy amount of coffee (she claims not to have a problem), binge-watching Friends, and petting as many dogs as she can. Contact her via email, or follow her life on Twitter.

Twitter @kidneybeanzz | Instagram kidneybeanzz

Sarah Riedlinger


Sarah Riedlinger is a sophomore visual communication design major with minors in user experience design and digital media production. She is from Columbus, Ohio and is working as a designer for The Burr for her second semester. Sarah has previously worked as a designer for the Office of Student Media at Kent State and she served as the sole designer of Kent State’s freshman welcome magazine, Transitions. In her free time, she enjoys sci-fi movies and books. Contact her via email ( or see what’s she up to on social media.

Twitter @sarahriedlingr | Instagram sarahriedlingr

Katie Studnicha


Katie Studnicha is a junior Visual Communication Design major with a minor in Advertising. She is from a little town called Macedonia in between Akron and Cleveland, Ohio. This will be her first semester designing for The Burr. She is very eager and excited to bring her skills to the magazine. When she isn’t busy working on design you can find her adventuring with friends, looking for good vinyl, taking photos and eating ice cream. Katie aspires to be the best designer that she can be in hopes of one day having a successful career, doing what she loves.

Twitter @katie_studdr | Instagram katie_studd

Sophia DelCiappo


Sophia DelCiappo is a Junior studying Visual Communication Design with a minor in Photo-Illustration. She is from a tiny town in Ohio called Marshallville and this will be her second semester working as an illustrator for The Burr. In her free time, she spends time behind her camera, with her sketchbook, or playing her ukulele. She also participates in the athletic bands playing trombone at Kent! Contact her via email at or follow her Instagram account to see more of her work! 

Twitter @sophia_del4 | Instagram smadel40

Mark Tabar


Mark Tabar is a senior at Kent State majoring in communication studies with a concentration in applied communication and a minor in design. He is from Hinckley, Ohio which, for those who don’t know, is the home of the buzzards. Every year in March, there is a festival in Hinckley called Buzzard Day where the townspeople gather together to enjoy a delicious pancake breakfast and experience the spirit of the holiday in joyous unison. When Mark is not actively dedicating the majority of his cognitive resources to the anticipation of this sacred day, he finds some time to illustrate. He loves doing it more than anything else and plans to launch his freelance project in the near future. Also, his favorite cereal is Frosted Flakes but he can’t always afford the name brand because he is a poor art boy so he will often opt for the Aldi version which is conveniently named Frosted Flakes as well. And if he squints hard enough, a Tony the Tiger appears on the box as opposed to the off-brand polar bear which honestly makes a lot more sense to him considering the flakes are frosted after all. But then again, what does he know?


Sophia Adornetto


Sophia Adornetto is a sophomore advertising major at Kent State. This is her second semester working for The Burr as a photographer and is very excited to display her love for photography and storytelling in this edition. Sophia has a passion for travel as she has been to Ecuador, Iceland and China in the last few years and hopes to participate in a study abroad opportunity in Florence, Italy during the 2019 spring semester. She enjoys photography, adventuring, spending time with friends and family in her free time. Feel free to contact her via email  at or check out her Instagram account for more of her photography work!

Instagram sophiaadornetto

Colleen Cummins


Colleen Cummins is a photographer for The Burr. She only has two more semesters between her and fulfilling her dream career as a photojournalist or cinematographer. Most of the time she’s in a different country, working at Whole Foods Market or photographing the eclectic world around her. Colleen hopes to find a job that combines her love for capturing moments and creating moments. Give her a follow on Instagram!

Instagram @co11eencummins

Adrian Leuthauser


Adrian Leuthauser is a senior magazine journalism major with a minor in writing. Along with graduating in May 2018, he will also be crying because he has no idea what he is doing with his life. Aside from copy-editing with the Kent Stater, taking photos for The Burr and writing for Black Squirrel Radio, he spends as much time as he can listening to music, reading and writing. His primary focus is music journalism and concert photography. Follow him on Instagram for photos and whatnot. He’s too short for some roller coasters but old enough for the bars.

Instagram aleuth411

Alex Wadley


Alexander Wadley is a third year photojournalism major at Kent State with a minor in Global Communications. He is the Photo Director and Desk Editor for The Kent Stater. He is also a photographer for Fusion Magazine and is the marketing director of Threads KSU. In his spare time he likes to play video games, read, and photograph for fun.


Xiaoru Wang


Xiaoru Wang is a senior photo-illustration major at Kent State. She is from China and this is her first semester working on The Burr as a photographer. Xiaoru is pretty at studio photography works. And also she is excited about taking location or storytelling photography for The Burr. Feel free to contact her via email ( or check out her website for more of her photography work (!


Dani Watts


Dani Watts is a junior photojournalism student with a minor in fashion media. Photography aside, she has an affinity for Wes Anderson films and likes to consider herself a music connoisseur. She has wild aspirations of becoming the next Annie Leibovitz, but for now just being Dani will have to do. When she’s not behind the camera, you can find her at your local antique shop, perusing through some vinyl records, or sipping on a lavender flavored beverage. Furthermore, she would be delighted if you would give her a follow on either of her Instagram accounts.

Instagram ohheyimdanii, daniwattsphoto