The Burr Magazine is Kent State University’s first student-produced magazine made for the campus, city and anyone seeking strong journalistic storytelling. The Burr strives to provide readers with interesting, humorous and hard-hitting stories that tap into current events, trends and the lives of those who have made a home in Kent. Providing award-winning student journalism since 1986.

Editorial Board 

Megan Ayscue


Megan Ayscue is a senior at Kent State and is majoring in journalism. Since her first semester, Megan has been a part of The Burr as a copy editor, copy desk chief, writer, blogger, senior editor and now editor-in-chief. In her spare time, when she has any, Megan likes to play with and cuddle her cat, Mochi, who is still very much a baby. She also enjoys watching TV and movies, especially about superheroes. She also loves plants as well as cooking and baking. If you asked her to try any spicy food, however, she would adamantly decline as she has the spice tolerance of a small child. A fun fact about Megan is that she is also trying to learn American Sign Language and can hold very awkward and choppy conversation. Megan is excited to work with The Burr for another semester, and is even more excited to lead the magazine through another publication, both on stands and online.| Instagram meganayscue

Ray Padilla

Managing Editor

Ray Padilla studies journalism and has a strong interest with magazines. He didn’t start college with the thought of writing. Ray began as a visual communication design major. During his junior year, he switched — focusing on the content of newspapers and magazines while using his knowledge of visuals to aid the stories he creates. He found an interest in technology journalism, focusing most of his stories on advancements in innovation. Along with his role as managing editor for The Burr Magazine, he is a writer for N2 Publishing, a designer for Kent State Student Media and chair for the Online News Association at Kent State. While not working he spends most of his time reading DC comics, playing with his cats, Clark and Diana, or streaming Fortnite on his Twitch channel.  

Shelbie Goulding

Senior Editor

Shelbie Goulding is a senior journalism student at Kent State University. This is her third semester working with The Burr, and she’s also an assigning editor for The Kent Stater this fall. Shelbie grew up in a small town south of Fort Wayne, Indiana, on a 16-acre farm. She plans to leave her home state and Ohio behind after graduation and travel to someplace new and exciting to kick start her career as a journalist. Her dream job is to work with The New York Times Co., but she’s willing to go wherever the wind takes her. If Shelbie ever seems anxious or jumpy, her fourth cup of coffee is the one to blame. She dedicates all of her success in the present and the future to her beloved joe – cup of joe that is.

Email | Instagram shelbs_goulding

Cameron Gorman 

Senior Editor

Along with her work with The Burr, Cameron Gorman is the editor in chief of Luna Negra, Kent State’s literary arts journal. A senior journalism major and creative writing minor, she’s also written and worked for KentWired, POZ magazine, Cancer Health magazine, Cleveland Magazine, WKSU, WKYC and more. In her free time, Cameron loves to write and share poetry, work on creative fiction, and listen to a plethora of podcasts. (In fact, check out her story “Static” on a recent episode of Scare You To Sleep!) In the future, Cameron hopes to keep writing, creating, listening and telling stories.  

Email Twitter @mcamgorm | Instagram camcgorman

Madeleine Kidd

Art Director

Madeleine Kidd is a senior studying visual communication design, and this is her fourth semester working on The Burr Magazine staff and now is the Art Director. Currently, Madeleine works for Kent State’s Center for Teaching and Learning as a Student Associate designer. Over the summer she worked at a small advertising agency in New York City, called Digital Pulp. She aspires to move back to New York City upon graduation and work creatively at a design firm. When she is not cramming projects or updating her killer Spotify playlists, you can find her at Kent’s local coffee shops, or simply indulging herself in 10 cups of coffee by 11 a.m. on an average day. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, family and especially her dog, Zoey,(whom she has accumulated an excessive amount of pictures of over the past years).

Sarah Riedlinger 

Assistant Art Director

Sarah Riedlinger is a junior visual communication design major with minors in user experience design and digital media production. She is from Columbus, Ohio and is enjoying her third semester working for The Burr. Sarah spent her summer doing videography and animation for the Ohio Department of Transportation, and has previously worked as a designer for the Office of Student Media as well as the School of Digital Sciences at Kent State. In her free time, she enjoys sci-fi movies and books. Contact her via email ( or see what’s she up to on social media.

Twitter @sarahriedlingr | Instagram sarahriedlingr

Sophia Adornetto  

Photo Editor

Sophia Adornetto is a junior advertising and photojournalism student. This is her third semester with The Burr and is happy to serve as the photo editor for this edition. Sophia loves photography and sharing stories and is excited to display her passions into the magazine. She hopes to globetrot around the world, photograph the people she meets and the places she sees and share the stories to the rest of the world. She also hopes to use her skill set and knowledge to help raise awareness of the issues she’s passionate about, like human trafficking and sexual assault. Sophia loves to spend her time photographing, traveling, being with friends and family and listening to inspirational stories.

Email | Instagram @sophiaadornetto

Molly Spillman

Web Editor

Molly Spillman is a senior majoring in public relations from Middletown, Maryland. She has been involved with The Burr since her first semester at Kent State and is thrilled to be spending her seventh semester returning to the first position she held: web editor. Previously, she has been involved as managing editor and senior editor at The Burr. Molly has a passion for politics, social media, the state of Maryland and Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. This coming spring, she is studying in D.C. through Kent State’s Washington Program in National Issues and hopes to have an internship at an NGO or lobbying firm. Upon graduation in May, Molly wants to head back to the east coast and work in the communications or PR field advocating for issues she cares about. Connect with her on any social media site, her username is always @mospilly.


Editorial Team 

Jenna Borthwick 

Copy Editor

Jenna Borthwick is a sophomore journalism major from Cleveland, Ohio. She is a copy editor for The Burr, but is also an anchor, correspondent and associate producer for TV2 News. Jenna aspires to be a reporter working in a metropolitan area. She is minoring in political science and hopes to report on politics throughout her career. When Jenna isn’t in Franklin Hall, she is recalling Vines with her friends, spending time outdoors or attending concerts. She is always ready for a trip to Chick-fil-A. You can contact Jenna through her social media or email,

Twitter jborthwick_TV2 | Instagram: jenborth6

Collin Cunningham 


Collin Cunningham is a senior majoring in magazine journalism with a minor in writing. He enjoys going to local shows as well as just walking around Kent, exploring the town and its culture. When he’s in for the evening, catch him reading a good book or watching an interesting movie or show. This is his sixth semester writing for The Burr, as well as his first semester of his last year at Kent State. Whether or not he capitalizes on that is up to you to decide

Twitter @cunningcollin | Instagram Cunningcollin

Cameron Hoover 


Cameron Hoover is a writer for the Fall 2018 Burr Magazine. Cameron is in his third semester with the magazine, having spent time as a writer and copy desk chief for the magazine in the past. Along with his work for The Burr, Cameron is also the managing editor of the Kent Stater and KentWired and also works as a sports correspondent for the Akron Beacon Journal.

Amanda Levine 


Amanda Levine is a junior journalism major from Brooklyn, New York. She is also minoring in sports administration with hopes to become a sports journalist for ESPN. This is Amanda’s third semester working with The Burr. In addition to writing for The Burr, she is a sports reporter for the Kent Stater, a Student Success Leader and a campus tour guide. When she’s not writing about sports you can find her watching the Mets game and drinking gross amounts of coffee. To contact her, you can reach her by email at

Twitter @amanda_levine1 | Instagram amanda___hope

Holly Liptak


Holly Liptak is a freshman and this will be her first time working on The Burr. She is a journalism major, avid hot chocolate drinker, self-proclaimed film critic, aspiring plant mom and proud dog owner. She will also be serving as a copy editor for the Kent Stater this semester. When she is not writing, she can often be found watching movies, reading her favorite books, taking photos or listening to music. Her goals for this year are to improve her writing, step out of her comfort zone and travel a little farther outside of Kent. She looks forward to this semester and her time working on The Burr.

Hannah Miller


Hannah Miller is a sophomore journalism major from Columbus, Ohio, but she considers Kent State as her second home. This is her first semester working with The Burr. As a writer and blogger, she hopes to enhance her knowledge of journalism along with meeting new people with similar interests. Hannah is working to build her skills enough to travel around the world and tell stories that are truthful and fresh to the public ear. In her free time, Hannah watches YouTube about conspiracy theories, lifestyle vloggers, all the way to beauty gurus. She is always down to chat and dive deep into conspiracy theories so follow her on social media if you ever want to jump down that rabbit hole. She also has a passion for pop culture, learning new things and living life to its fullest. One of her favorite quotes is, “some of the best things in life are waiting for you outside of your comfort zone.”


Twitter @_hannah_miller_ | Instagram: @hannahmm

Henry Palattella


Along with being a writer for The Burr, Henry Palattella is also the editor-in-chief of the Kent Stater. He’s a senior at Kent State majoring in journalism and minoring in Sociology, and is from the snow-covered hell that is Erie, PA. Along with his work in student media, he also works in the sports department at the Akron Beacon Journal. Henry is an avid fan of seagulls, and his dream is to one day live in a secluded area in a ranch house for more than 25 ‘gulls. He can be contacted at, and can also be reached on Twitter, where he’s most likely tweeting about Pop-Tarts.

Twitter @Hellapalattella | Instagram hellapalattella

Chelsea Panin

Copy Editor

Chelsea Panin is a super senior english major with a double minor in marketing and writing. This is her fourth semester with The Burr as a copy editor.She lived in Washington D.C. for the summer working as a marketing intern with Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group. She has also worked as an intern at the Wick Poetry Center as well as a web content writer for Black Squirrel Radio. She is originally from Hermitage, Pennsylvania. She enjoys reading, writing and traveling in her spare time. She has road tripped across the country and has also been to Jamaica, Ukraine, Germany and the Dominican Republic.  She is always on the lookout for new and unique restaurants to try. She will be graduating in December, you can follow her journey on Instagram and Twitter.

Twitter @chelc_7 | Instagram chelc7

Lindsey Sellman


Lindsey Sellman is a freshman journalism major born and raised in Lima, Ohio, the town Glee took place in. She enjoys writing prose and poetry and watching true crime shows all day long. She hopes to one day work as an investigative journalist. When her eyes aren’t glued to her television, she’s taking pictures of her snowball of a puppy or writing for the blog only her mom reads. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter @lindseyksellman | Instagram lindseykaysellman

Taylor Robinson


Taylor Robinson is a journalism major with a creative writing minor. She has been a writer for The Burr since spring 2018 and has also worked with KentWired and interned at Ohio Magazine. Taylor is a sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and enjoys giving back to the Greek and Kent community. In her free time, Taylor likes to read and binge watch the latest Netflix series.

Twitter @taylorrrobinson | Instagram taylorrrobinson

Creative Team 

Sophia DelCiappo


Sophia DelCiappo is a senior visual communication design major with a minor in photo-illustration. She is from a tiny town in Wayne County, Ohio. In her free time she enjoys going on bike rides, playing her ukulele and trying out different art techniques. She is also involved in the athletic bands at Kent State including the marching band. This will be her third semester with The Burr as an illustrator. However, this is her first semester as a photographer for The Burr! She can’t wait to see where the magazine goes this semester.


Instagram @smadel40


Shannon Kovach


Erin Lavender


Erin Lavender is a senior visual communication design major from Worthington, a small suburb just north of Columbus. This is Erin’s first semester designing for The Burr and she is thrilled. In addition to studying design, Erin is minoring in advertising and considering grad school for teaching. She hopes to either work as an in-house designer or as a high school art teacher following graduation. When she isn’t working or studying, Erin enjoys working on creative projects, swimming, sailing and spending time with friends. 

Twitter @erbear1116 | Instagram erbear1116

Cameron Luiza


Cameron Luiza is a junior in the visual communication design program this year and this is his first semester working as a designer for The Burr Magazine. He is from Cleveland, Ohio and has been commuting to Kent for the past two years. This year, Cameron is looking forward to starting the internship process this semester and then possibly studying abroad in Florence next summer. He plans to finish up college and move to some place warmer where he can start out his career as a designer. He also is very passionate about photography and loves to travel and share his content on instagram. 

Twitter @cameronluiza 

Olivia Seidel


Olivia Seidel is a senior at Kent State University majoring in Educational Studies and minoring in Photography, Art History and Creative Writing. She’s an avid designer and photographer, and enjoys photographing people as well as fashion! When she’s not out photographing the world, or out adventuring with her fiancé, she’s working at Aerie promoting body positivity and self-love! You’ll normally find her cozied up in the local coffee shops with a good book in one hand and an iced Caramel Macchiato in the other. She enjoys fashion, photography, coffee and lavender and is excited to work here at The Burr!


Instagram justcallme.livy


Richa Sheth


Richa Sheth is an integrated life sciences major graduating this spring. She has two contrasting sides of herself: her creative side and her medically focused side. Richa’s creative side blooms through her interest in art, whether it is photography, film, literature, architecture or paintings. She is only at at Kent State for two years due to her enrollment in the Neomed B.S./M.D. program, so when she is not studying, she is constantly hunting for inspiration through traveling, music, the sky, movies and artists she looks up to like Frida Kahlo. Richa hopes to work maintain both sides of herself by becoming a pediatrician one day, while continuing her journey with photography. Feel free to check out her website ( for her work!

Instagram richaasheth

Katie Studnicha


Katie Studnicha is a senior visual communication design major with a minor in advertising. She is from a little town called Macedonia in between Akron and Cleveland, Ohio. This will be her second semester designing for The Burr. She is very eager and excited to bring her skills to the magazine and push it in a different direction. When she isn’t busy working on design you can find her adventuring with friends, looking for good vinyl, taking photos and/or eating ice cream. Katie aspires to be the best designer that she can be in hopes of one day having a successful career, doing what she loves.


Twitter @katie_studd | Instagram katie_studd

Mary Wagner


Mary Wagner is a sophomore majoring in visual communication design and applied communication. This is her first semester working on The Burr, and she is so excited to be able to put her creativity into the publication. Mary is from a small town just an hour south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is passionate about print media, marketing and packaging design. When Mary isn’t in Taylor Hall, she may be watercolor painting or hammocking.