Plant Ownership in College


Emma Andrus

Green Thumb: 

My aloe plant is my pride and joy. Lovingly named “Oscar,” it’s found its home on my windowsill since the day I hauled it back from Home Depot at the start of the academic year. I’ve carefully read into how to water and care for Oscar, and I’m happy to say he has survived thus far. 

I’ve done my best to own plants in the past: a few succulents, a few cacti and my beloved vibrant moon cactus. Some haven’t stuck around very long, but others, like my moon cactus, have endured for a lot longer than I would have expected.

Regardless, plant ownership has been linked to a number of health benefits, such as improvements to mental health and stress relief. 

Here are a list of some easy to care for plants to consider incorporating into your dorm or apartment decor.

Aloe, Succulents, & Cacti

This plant “family” is a no-brainer when it comes to care. For the most part, watering a small amount about once a month can help keep plants of these varieties thriving. This is a great bonus for college students worrying about how their plants will survive over school breaks. Plus, aloe can be used in numerous other ways, such as burn and acne treatment. These are some great suggestions if you’re looking to add a bit of green—or in the case of some cacti variety, some pops of color!

Spider Plants

Spider plants are stringy little guys, and they can be an easy and manageable way to spruce up your living space. Generally, these plants can handle being watered about once a week. A bonus to this plant is once they have matured, they can be cut and re-potted to transform into multiples, or to share with friends.


Ferns typically need water whenever their soil is dry, so this need can vary depending on the variety. These are great leafy plants that can be potted or hung in some fashion. They are a relatively common houseplant, but they can certainly spruce up any area.

Ivy Plants

Ivy plants are also exceptionally good for potting and hanging alike. Watering and sunlight requirements generally vary by the type of ivy, but with a little bit of self research about your particular variety, they can transform into fabulous houseplants.

Featured image by Madison Inouye from Pexels