Playlist: Time 2B Creative


Illustration by Alyssa Maziarz

Sarah Riedlinger

Illustration by Alyssa Maziarz

Creativity. It’s a hard word to define, and when it becomes part of your official job title – whether you’re a Creative Director, Creative Designer, Creative Technologist, or another breed of any artsy related profession – it becomes even harder to define in relation to yourself.

For better or worse, identity and creativity often tangle together to create a confusing mess. The “creative team” at The Burr doesn’t necessarily know how to untangle it, but our designers and illustrators have put together a playlist to help all of you relish in it.

These songs are a jumble of lyrics we listen to when we’re trying to get creative, when we’re taking a break after trying too hard to be creative, and when we just straight-up cannot be creative and are angry about it. We hope it inspires you to find your own definition of the word “creativity,” and if it doesn’t, that’s cool, too. Either way, enjoy the vibes brought to you, courtesy of The Burr’s creative team.

Designers: Elliot Burr, Katie Blazek, Wesley Koogle, Paige Brown, Kelsey Paulus, Cameron Peters

Illustrators: Elliot Burr, Dominica Hoover, Alyssa Maziarz, Katie Blazek, Drew Donovan, Alice Leach, Maryrose Ceccarelli

Art Directors: Sarah Riedlinger, Elise Jennings