Marisa DeRoma Photography Feature


Marisa DeRoma

One of the projects that involved food had me carrying around a pumpkin for a few weeks to the photo studio. I developed a deep hatred of the pumpkin so I decided to combine my emotions toward it to create a devious narrative. One of the things I experimented with was using shadows to assist with the still life. I positioned the LED light to emphasize the knife in the pumpkin like a murder scene.
While doing fashion photography I decided to experiment with colored shadows. This effect was achieved by using colored gels over LED lights and positioning them to create colored shadows behind the subject. The colors red and green were chosen based on the colors present in the model’s clothes. This effect helps give the model a more dynamic look.
This composite was based on an article titled “VSCO Girls Destroying Makeup Sales” which is about the VSCO trend encouraging girls to focus more on skincare and environmental friendly products. For this, I combined both my graphic design and photography skills to put together a composition. The cartoony aspect in the background is based on the bubbly personality that many girls in the VSCO trend possess and it basically depicts them playfully rejecting makeup.